Seolhyun Becomes A Bright And Enthusiastic Police, Team ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ Reveals The Key Points


‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ Has Just Released A Photo Of AOA’s Seolhyun As Co-Star Lee Kwang Soo Who Is A Passionate Police Officer. This Is What The Production Team Said.

Ahead of the broadcast, tvN released footage of the scene ” The Killer’s Shopping List ” to tempt viewers. Not Lee Kwang Soo , this time AOA ‘s Seolhyun character was introduced to viewers.

Adapting the novel by Kang Ji Young, “The Killer’s Shopping List” is a mystery thriller and comedy drama set in a suburb of Seoul. When a mysterious body is found around an apartment building, a note from the supermarket becomes the key piece of evidence that starts the hunt for the killer.

In “The Killer’s Shopping List”, Seolhyun plays Do Ah Hee, a passionate police officer. Do Ah Hee is Ahn Dae Sung’s loyal girlfriend, played by Lee Kwang Soo. Ahn Dae Sung is the son of a supermarket owner who failed civil service for three consecutive years.

The newly released stills depict Do Ah Hee’s pure passion. His eyes were bright, radiating the spirit of wanting to protect his place. In addition, he has a pleasant and strong charm.

While working at the police station, Do Ah Hee handled cases big and small. In particular, the look in his eyes burns when he is boxing. Viewers will be able to see Do Ah Hee’s competitive streak and natural desire for justice.

The production team leaked that Seolhyun brought Do Ah Hee to life as “an eccentric, honest and straight to the point character”. It will be interesting to see how Do Ah Hee and her boyfriend Ahn Dae Sung work together to solve a murder mystery in their neighborhood.

In addition, the production team also revealed key points in the story. “In the drama, Ahn Dae Sung was constantly persecuted. It would be fun to see those parts,” they said.

Meanwhile, “The Killer’s Shopping List” will premiere on April 27. This drama will fill the airing slot every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 local time.


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