Seo Hyun Jin Is Burdened With A Role Model Title, This Is How She Feels When ‘Why Her’ Airs


Seo Hyun Jin Has Returned To The Small Screen With His Latest Drama, ‘Why Her’ Which Airs Over The Weekend. The Actress Revealed Her Reasons For Staying Productive And About Being A Role Model.

Recently, Seo Hyun Jin greeted fans with two works at once. The 37-year-old actress starred in the drama ” Why Her ” as well as the movie ” Cassiopeia ” which is currently showing in Korean theaters.

In an interview with local media, Seo Hyun Jin talked about her life as an actress who often paced on television. Having a fairly long career, apparently he is burdened if he gets a role model from juniors.

“It’s a burden to be used as a role model by several young actresses. I look back at my 21-year career and I feel I have walked the right path until now. In the future, I want to try new roles and change my acting style such as diction and tone,” Seo Hyun Jin said.

Seo Hyun Jin revealed her reasons for accepting drama offers and not taking a long hiatus. According to him, working can make his life more organized than when resting. In addition, he also does not want his acting skills to rust from not being honed.

“Without acting, my life is boring and lousy. I feel healthier when I work because I try to stay in good shape, eat healthy food and socialize with people. I’m also afraid that my acting skills will decline if I rest too long,” he said.

Carrying the theme of a mystery romance, “Why Her” tells the story of Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin), a cold-hearted lawyer who feels empty after only pursuing success. Oh Soo Jae is the youngest lawyer of TK Law Firm who then falls from luck until his fate is turned upside down.

Previously, Seo Hyun Jin had expressed her feelings when she found out that the drama and film were airing at the same time. Even though he didn’t expect it, he is quite happy to be able to experience something like this, where his works can be enjoyed at the cinema or at home.

“I didn’t expect the film’s release date to coincide with the TV drama’s premiere date. But I’m happy to be able to showcase two different works at the same time,” explained Seo Hyun Jin.

Meanwhile, “Why Her” occupies the broadcast slot every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 local time. Don’t miss watching it.


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