Selling Well Like Fried Peanuts, Fans Say HYBE Should Have Prepared Many Copies Of Jungkook’s Photobook

Due To Overwhelming Demand, Jungkook’s Photobook ‘Me, Myself & Jungkook Time Difference’ Sold Out In Less Than 30 Seconds On Weverse USA And Less Than 2 Minutes On Weverse Global.

Jungkook ‘s photobook successfully sold out in less than 30 seconds after pre-order amid huge demand. The youngest member of Bangtan Boys caused a stir on the internet after causing a frenzy by showing off his charm and charming vampire visuals.

His much-anticipated solo photobook, “Me, Myself & Jungkook Time Difference” is available for pre-sale today on the Weverse Shop. Due to overwhelming demand, Jungkook’s photobook sold out in less than 30 seconds on Weverse USA and less than 2 minutes on Weverse Global as fans rushed to pre-order to get his solo photofolio.

Jungkook, Me, Myself & Jungkook Time Difference trended on Twitter and continues to trend with over 1 million tweets.

Meanwhile due to rapid pre-order sales, fans kept asking for more stock and the photobook should have been in print in unlimited quantities. “Me, Myself & Jungkook Time Difference” is available for pre-order once again in Weverse stores again due to massive demand, and once again sold out very quickly and has been restocked three times today.

” And I got it within 30 seconds.. I don’t really care about merchandise or anything else, but I was thinking about concert tickets when there was a name made by Jungkook attached to it,” commented the netter. ” Poor planning from HYBE. You know this will sell like hotcakes you should prepare a copy of the bajillon first,” said another. ” Jungkook’s unparalleled strength,” concluded another.

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