Sakura Miyawaki LE SSERAFIM Relieved To Appear Minimal Filter After 12 Years Career

After A Career As An Idol For 12 Years, Sakura Miyawaki LE SSERAFIM Experienced Drastic Changes In The World Of Entertainment. As Is Known, Sakura Has Debuted In 3 Idol Groups.

Miyawaki Sakura LE SSERAFIM has spent almost half of her life as an idol. Debuting at the age of 13, now it’s been 12 years since Sakura appeared in the world of Japanese and Korean entertainment.

LE SSERAFIM itself is the third group where Sakura debuted. Previously, he joined HKT48’s sister group AKB48 since 2011. In 2018, the 1998-born idol debuted with IZ*ONE after placing 2nd on the list of ” Produce 48 ” winners.

Being in her third group, Sakura wants to do her best in the hope that LE SSERAFIM will be her last group. Since starting her career at the age of 13, Sakura experienced many things including a shift in idol culture. Now, Sakura doesn’t apply much filter to what she wants to convey.

“Actually, I think that the stage is the only place where idols can express all their emotions. I also get a sense of comfort by telling fans how I really feel,” said Sakura.

Although entertaining fans, Sakura believes an idol can still smile while sharing the burden with fans. Because basically life is very difficult, including for idols.

“But I don’t think we should stop smiling and talk about how hard it is for us to endure everything or let our personal feelings get in the way of us being in front of the cameras,” she continued.

While positive energy is what idols should share, Sakura now thinks that all sides of herself can be shown on stage with minimal filters. This was obtained by Sakura performing with LE SSERAFIM.

“I think what makes LE SSERAFIM so special on stage is how passionately we show passion and other emotions that should be kept secret. That’s the kind of show I want to be involved in,” said Sakura. “Being an angel, beautiful and cute is also fun, but there’s so much more to a person than that kind of positive emotion.”

Also, Sakura realized that by voicing her emotions and thoughts more people perceive her as appearing more human. Thus, people’s expectations for idols during Sakura’s career span are now felt to have changed so much.

“But actually, people say it makes me look more human, and it makes me realize how much the world has changed,” concluded Sakura.

Meanwhile, Sakura has graduated from HKT48 since June 2021 just a few months after IZ*ONE disbanded. During her time as an idol, Sakura has shown a lot of progress from her dancing skills, singing to music composition.

Currently, Sakura is preoccupied with promoting “UNFORGIVEN” with LE SSERAFIM. In addition, he also fills his own show ” Fearless Kkura ” which invites different guest stars each episode.

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