Rumors Appear ‘Produce 101’ Will Present A New Season, Netizens Pro And Cons


Recently, South Korean Netizens Suspected That Mnet Would Return To Present A New Season Of Their Controversial Program, ‘Produce 101′. Check Out The Following Explanation.

Recently, suspicions arose that Mnet would produce a new series ” Produce 101 “, their hit survival program which has spawned a number of well-known groups such as IOI , Wanna One , IZ*ONE to X1 .

As is known, the “Produce” series was once very popular with viewers even though it was filled with drama and evil editing . Fans also gave full support to the idols who finally debuted through the four groups.

Public sympathy changed drastically after the production team of the “Produce” series was caught manipulating viewers’ votes. This matter has even been brought to court with PD Ahn Joon Young and CP Kim Young Bum as key suspects.

After almost two years, Mnet is again under suspicion of launching a new season of the “Produce” series. This suspicion arose after a netizen learned that Mnet had registered for the program on February 21, 2022.

Netizens who first learned of this fact said, “What? Don’t tell me ‘Produce’ is coming back?”. He also included a screenshot proving the registration in his Twitter post .

The post immediately reaped various responses from other South Korean netizens. On the one hand, netizens criticized Mnet for being considered “shameless” for bringing a controversial program to life. But there are also those who support and look forward to its broadcast.

“Where did your shame go?” said a netizen. “Are you guys crazy?” added another netizen. “By the way, Ahn Joon Young has been caught, so it’s over. What’s the problem?” add another.

“After all, they have no other way to revive a failed idol,” said another netizen. “‘Produce’ has been converted to ‘ Girls Planet ‘ right? They also broadcast ‘ Boys Planet ‘ this year. I think they just want to keep their name,” said another.

“But I feel that it will be really fun. I don’t really care about the past controversy and I really hope they will revive it,” said another netizen.

“I know it’s your right to like it or not, but I feel that it’s wrong to think that cheating on something is not bad. This broadcast destroys opportunities for so many victims seriously and they even reveal their mistakes to the public,” concluded another netizen.

Meanwhile, in October 2021 there were rumors that Mnet would again broadcast the “Produce” series. Reportedly, this program will be named “Produce 101” season 0 because Mnet wants to start over from scratch.

Because the implementation of this program was tinged with cheating, South Korean netizens immediately showed a cynical reaction. Many of them think that Mnet will again cheat and use the trainees to make money.


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