Rumored To Be Marrying Kangta The Lover, 10 Charms Of Jung Yoo Mi As A Loving Actress


South Korean Media Exclusively Reported That Jung Yoo Mi Will Marry Her Lover, Kangta. On The Other Hand, Jung Yoo Mi Herself Is Known As A Loving And Very Wifeable Actress.

On Friday (27/5) Sports Kyunghyang media exclusively reported that Jung Yoo Mi will marry her lover, Kangta ex HOT . This couple is known to have been dating since 2020, so the two have been dating for 2 years. Then the agencies of both parties opened their voices regarding the outstanding issues. The agency said that the marriage news is not true but their relationship is still lasting.

Jung Yoo Mi herself seems to be actively sharing her activities on Instagram. He looks happy and updates his activities. Starting from travel to showing his love for the animal world. Jung Yoo Mi is a loving figure. The star of ” Rooftop Prince ” is also a person who talks and is easy to get close to small children. Let’s take a peek at the series of portraits of Jung Yoo Mi with her loving charm here!

  1. Show Concern Over Forest Fires

Jung Yoo Mi showed her concern when the fire disaster hit Australia in 2020. She uploaded a moment of herself visiting Australia and interacting sweetly with a Kangaroo with the caption #prayforAustralia . As is known, the fires that hit Australia are said to have killed nearly 3 billion animals there. Of course this makes Jung Yoo Mi sad, especially she is an animal lover.

  1. With Your Favorite Cute

Jung Yoo Mi is again showing off her cute dog to fans. In the photo, the two are enjoying quality time and dressing up the animal to make it look fashionable. Investigate a calibaration, Jung Yoo Mi’s mother was the one who took the photo of the two of them.

  1. Duo Cuties

Fans were excited about the moment Jung Yoo Mi was busy hanging out with her favorite dog. The two of them were seen in a park. Jung Yoo Min took the cute dog for a photo. But the dog apparently did not like to be photographed. The behavior of this cuties duo has successfully reaped an angry reaction.

  1. Very Close To Nephew

Very close to his nephew, Jung Yoo Mi like his own mother. In the photo, the two are hanging out with Kika and the nephew is in Jung Yoo Mi’s arms. Very sweet, Jung Yoo Mi is a loving figure so that the nephew sticks with him.

  1. Warm Moments With Mongolian Kids

In 2018, the star of the film ” Five Star Hotel ” held a social action in Mongolia with Jang Ki Yong . Both are involved in charity projects or charity. Jung Yoo Mi showed a series of activities while there. His interactions with children are no less touching.

  1. Play With Mongolian Children

Jung Yoo Mi made netizens curious after uploading a photo with a group of cute little children. In Mongolia, Jung Yoo Mi carries out various activities with children in Mongolia, from playing, studying, to vacationing together. It was also stated that he and Jang Ki Yong shopped for clothes for children there.

  1. A Big Spoiled Dog

His gentle personality and love for animals inevitably make Jung Yoo Mi often upload photos with many animals. In the upload above, Jung Yoo Mi is hugged by a big dog. The animal even stroked its head at Jung Yoo Mi as if it was spoiled.

  1. I Feel Like My Own Child

Feeling like a child herself, Jung Yoo Mi enthusiastically accompanied a little boy to choose a hat. In the photo, the actress is patiently holding the little boy and having a happy baby.

  1. Sweet Interactions Make You Excited

The star of the drama ” The Tunnel ” is seen trying to greet a small white dog. Jung Yoo Mi gently approached him. Suddenly this upload made fans excited not playing.

  1. Celebrate The New Year Cheerfully

Jung Yoo Mi looks engrossed in playing with the children. He also invited a small dog to play with him. Their sweet interaction successfully made the fans melt too. The three seem to be celebrating the New Year together.


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