Rose Reveals The Story Behind BLACKPINK Member’s Unique Contact Name On Her Cellphone

Rose Revealed Why She Chose Her Unique Contact Names For Each Member. Apparently, The 1997-Born Singer Gave Unusual Names As Contact Names.

In a recent interview with ELLE Korea, Rose BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) gave BLINK a leak of the contents of her phone. The 1997-born singer revealed why he chose his unique contact name for each member.

For Jennie , Rosé kept it simple and added a bear emoji next to her name. As a teddy bear fan, it made sense to use that emoji. Plus, Jennie is cute like a teddy bear.

Next, Rosé chose “Sooyaa” with a turtle and rabbit emoji for Jisoo . As many fans know, Rosé was inspired by Jisoo’s Instagram account and besides, chose an appropriate emoji for her nickname, Turtle Rabbit.

Next, Rosé revealed that she added a white heart next to Lisa ‘s name but there really wasn’t a reason for her choice. “I can’t remember why Lisa has a white heart with her. She looks innocent… I don’t usually think so!” he said.

Although he initially had no reason for it, the name stuck and even became an insider’s joke. “My phone has a function where she says her name when someone calls. [When she calls] it says, ‘Lisa White Heart,'” says Rosé.

It sounded like someone’s full name, and even managed to trick her own older sister. “My sister asked who it was. She asked if her last name was White Heart,” said Rosé.

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