“Sulpan, meatball war, sexless” couples in crisis…’How is your marriage?’

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Hwi-seon Yeon] In ‘How is your marriage’, the stories of couples in crisis aroused shock.

In the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘How is your marriage (abbreviated Dang Gyeol-an)’, which aired on the 9th, the third-generation couple, ‘five children’, the yellow couple, the MZ generation Dink blue couple, and the red couple, who are prospective couples, were hurt and Three couples who faced a crisis in their marriage life due to conflict appeared. They confronted each other with previous concerns such as blackout due to excessive drinking, sexless, abusive language and swearing. As a result, we raised our curiosity about whether we could understand each other’s wounds and find answers to conflicts through honest conversation.

The husband of the red-to-be couple, who live together on the premise of marriage, confessed that he was worried about his prospective wife’s heavy drinking leading to blackout. He said, “Recently, I went to pick up her prospective wife for a drink and witnessed the scene where she was alone with a man. As these things kept piling up, it made her think about marriage again,” shocking her prospective wife.

On the other hand, the red-haired prospective wife, who cited loneliness due to her prospective husband’s frequent business trips as a complaint, shocked everyone with answers beyond imagination, such as “I just wish I didn’t do that” and “Let’s turn on video calls while sleeping”. Even in the couple’s conversation, the two people who ran a tight parallel line with words such as “I’ve never stayed out all night” and “Even if I didn’t stay out all night” due to the drunkenness of the prospective wife, the two couldn’t come to a conclusion.

The story of the blue couple, who faced a sexless crisis after a year and a half of marriage, aroused resentment from viewers. Her blue wife took issue with her appearance and expressed her regret, saying, “I think it was because I didn’t have the face and body that her husband wanted.”

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

The blue husband shocked his wife by revealing, “The original ideal type is a slim woman. Right now, my wife has only 15 percent of her rational feelings left.” The blue couple, who had a fierce confrontation over marital relations and body care, barely filled their water bottles and did not understand each other.

Yellow’s wife, a mother of 5 children, was dissatisfied with the interference of her husband and in-laws, who were not economically and emotionally independent from her parents at the age of 40 and still depended on their in-laws. She startled everyone by revealing that her yellow husband couldn’t understand her wife’s raging personality and her high-level profanity.

The yellow couple, who had created tension with a bloody atmosphere from beginning to end, surprisingly both filled their water bottles and showed 100% understanding of the other person’s dissatisfaction.

At the time of joint conversation between the three couples to lead deeper conversations between the couples, the yellow couple with multiple children, the blue couple, and the MCs Park Eun-hye, Han Sang-jin, and Jeong-hyeok discussed their children. In the midst of this, the blue wife, who became a one-sided Dink due to her husband’s refusal to have a marital relationship, shocked her by revealing, “I thought I could not have an affair even after doing this.” In response, the blue husband incited her wives’ resentment by saying, “Her wife is not someone to have an affair with. She got married because she thought she would only look at me.” It airs every Tuesday at 10pm.


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