Lucky Daniel met 10cm… ‘Storm Talk → Reaction’ Talk Tikitaka

YouTube video capture

YouTube video capture

[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] Broadcasters Lucky, Daniel Lindemann, and Alberto Mondi brought laughter with their delightful chemistry.

On the 9th, on the YouTube channel ‘354 Three Osa’, Lucky, Daniel, and Alberto met with guest 10cm (10CM) Kwon Jung-yeol and shared colorful stories.

On this day, Lucky, Daniel, and Alberto led a pleasant atmosphere from the start, saying, “You are handsome” and “It is an honor” to Kwon Jeong-yeol. Kwon Jeong-yeol also revealed that he is a fan of ‘354 Samo-sa’ and added warmth by replying, “I often watched the broadcast and enjoyed watching the three of them on TV.”

In a full-fledged talk, Kwon Jeong-yeol shared the behind-the-scenes story, saying, “One day after my voice change period, I started to sing well.” In response, Alberto laughed, saying, “I’ve been a mess my whole life.”

In addition, Lucky, Daniel, and Alberto drew Kwon Jeong-yeol’s attention by introducing, “We are also in a band.” He added, “Last year, I also made a carol video for the fans.” The three of them expressed regret at the low number of views, but said, “Still, I worked the hardest. He said, “I didn’t sleep well for three or four days,” and “I felt how hard the singers are suffering,” forming a consensus with Kwon Jeong-yeol.

When Kwon Jeong-yeol mentioned the new song ‘Immortal First Love’, Alberto made Kwon Jung-yeol embarrassed by asking the name of his first love, making him laugh. On the other hand, in response to the first love question, Lucky said, “I haven’t fallen in love with my first love yet. I’m waiting for you,” he said, raising the atmosphere.

Even after that, Lucky, Daniel, and Alberto completed a fruitful time by continuing to ask questions that fans might be curious about, such as Kwon Jung-yeol’s current situation, favorite music genre and artist, and favorite food. In particular, Alberto created an atmosphere where Kwon Jung-yeol could have a comfortable conversation by responding with a reaction to football and music genres that he had the same interest in.

Lastly, Kwon Jung-yeol performed live on the guitar for the three of them to the stage of the new song ‘Immortal First Love’, giving a lecture to the audience. At this, Lucky, Daniel, and Alberto applauded enthusiastically.

On the other hand, the YouTube channel ‘354 Three Osa’ is loved by Lucky, Daniel Lindemann, and Alberto Mondi for presenting various aspects such as daily life and travel, as well as contents in which Lucky, Daniel Lindemann and Alberto Mondi express their opinions on a common theme. 

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