If Netflix has Gil Bok-soon, tvN has Jang Na-ra.


[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] In the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Family’, Jang Na-ra delicately expresses everything from action acting to agony and suffering as a killer.

In the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Family’ (script Jeong Yoo-seon/director Jang Jeong-do, Lee Jung-mook), Jang Na-ra plays the role of Kang Yoo-ra, who dreams of an ordinary but perfect family, the number one housewife in the family and the owner of a 9th grade housewife. In the 8th episode of ‘Family’, which aired on the 9th, Jang Na-ra engages in intense action with Jo Tae-goo (Kim Nam-hee), a colleague from her killer days, and shows her aspect as a lone assassin who carries out a mission to protect her family and changes rapidly. The ‘reversal charm’ burst out.

In the play, Kang Yoo-ra (Jang Na-ra) released her accumulated anger and attacked Cho Tae-gu at random with her screwdriver, and Cho Tae-gu also stood up to it. As Cho Tae-gu’s weapon bounced off, Kang Yu-ra didn’t miss it and delivered a blow, but in an instant, she tried to drop her bottle that Cho Tae-gu was holding in her hand, and she said, “Is it okay if I break Minseo?” is what provoked Kang Yoo-ra. Shortly after Jo Tae-goo threw her bottle, Yoo-ra Kang threw her whole body to catch her bottle, and in the end Kang Yoo-ra was severely beaten by Tae-gu Cho. Kang Yu-ra, who was distracted by Jo Tae-goo’s attack for a while, did not seize the opportunity to turn her back, and she collapsed helplessly under Cho Tae-gu’s suppression.

Later, Kang Yoo-ra received a mission from Cho Tae-gu to kill one of the union members, Nabi (Lee Mi-sook), and sent her family on a long journey to carry out the mission. However, not wanting to commit her murder again, she went to the lair of her butterfly named Kang Yu-ra, and she revealed herself to the butterfly and said, “Tomorrow you die. run away So that I don’t commit murder again,” she said meaningfully. However, Nabi conveyed her intention that she would not run away and that she would have her own way, and Kang Yoo-ra showed her resentful eyes. After breaking up with Nabi, she took a taxi home and was tormented by Kang Yu-ra’s choice as her killer.

The next day, Kang Yoo-ra shot a butterfly standing at the entrance of her daughter’s concert hall. After completing her mission, she felt that someone was watching her, and she checked her counterpart through the scope. Shocked. Moreover, as Kang Yu-ra and her husband Kwon Do-hun face each other while pointing guns at different positions, it amplified the curiosity about what changes will occur between the loving couple in the next episode.

In this regard, Jang Na-ra captured the attention of viewers by elaborately portraying her lifelike eyes, agile and charismatic actions, and the pain and loneliness that comes from having to commit murder to protect her family in her tone and facial expression. In particular, she did not want to commit her murder again, so she invited Butterfly, who was a member of her union, to run away, but when she failed, she expressed the anguish she felt in front of her immediate choice as her killer with dense emotional acting, revealing the best of her drama. increased immersion. 

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

On the other hand, the keyword for the actress’ ‘killer’ transformation also draws attention. Previously, in Netflix’s ‘Gil Bok-soon’, actress Jeon Do-yeon garnered attention for expressing the precarious tightrope between home and work as a mother and a killer in a delicious way. Jeon Do-yeon’s unique natural acting portrayed a different side of her as a legendary killer and a mother with an adolescent daughter. Jang Na-ra is portraying in detail the inner conflict she experiences as a housewife with a different resolution from Bok-soon Gil and a housewife in the 9th grade. With this work, Jang Na-ra further broadened her own acting spectrum. 


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