‘Gaslighting→controversy over childbirth expedition’ Kim So-yeon and Ahn Young-mi, too far-fetched [Oh!Ssen focus]

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kim Chae-yeon] A situation occurred where Kim So-yeon and Ahn Young-mi ended up explaining themselves due to excessive ignorance.

On the 3rd, ahead of the airing of tvN’s ‘The Tale of a Gumiho 1938’, Kim So-yeon appeared on ‘You Quiz on the Block’ and revealed her love story with actor Lee Sang-woo. While talking about her, Kim So-yeon said, ‘Her brother has a belief that ‘in order not to feel sad in the cold outside, the indoor temperature must be appropriate’. “I want to play it from the end of September because I get cold a lot, but I decided to play it from November 2nd, which is my birthday,” she said. She said that last year she hit the boiler switch on her own birthday and she put the two together.

Next, she said, Kim So-yeon said, “As I got older, her birthday lost a lot of meaning, but I don’t know how long I waited for her birthday. I thought there was such a good thing,” he confessed.

Her story, which Kim So-yeon told her to be pleasant, became a material for attacking her couple. Some netizens posted accusatory comments on Lee Sang-woo’s social media, saying, “Turn on the boiler” and “Don’t let her wife turn on the boiler too?” Suspicions that Kim So-yeon is being gaslighted also arose around online communities and social media.


[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

Eventually, on the 7th, Kim So-yeon posted on her SNS, “(Lee Sang-woo) takes care of and thinks about my health more than anyone else. Thinking of my health, let’s raise immunity through proper exercise rather than heating too early. Let’s turn it on in early November,” she said, “For fun, from November 2nd, my birthday! I feel like I’m staying healthier because of it,” she explained.

At the same time, she said, “In fact, I feel sorry for Lee Sang-woo, who doesn’t like a warm family, because of me, he spends every fall and winter warmly.” Stop because I remember having so much fun on her birthday last year. Thank you for your concern,” he added.

A similar controversy arose with Ahn Young-mi. Ahn Young-mi recently appeared on Shin Bong-seon’s YouTube and revealed that she was going to give birth in the United States, where her husband is, and after that, controversy arose over her giving birth away. As her controversy grew, Ahn Young-mi said to her netizens who criticized her on her SNS, saying, “It seems that it is too far to think about her military issue already. Rather than speculating about an unknown future, how about blessing the child who is now wriggling in her stomach,” she replied.

In particular, she said to her comment, “If her father was in Vietnam or the Philippines, would she have given birth in that country?” How can she do the precious pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare alone, which may only happen once in her life? “She will be with her beloved husband,” she said, and in the corresponding comment, she said, “I thought she would come right after a few months after giving birth, so she’ll be with her all the way until childrearing.” acknowledged the mistake of

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

Previously, Ahn Young-mi married a non-celebrity who worked for a foreign company in 2020, and announced in January that she was 13 weeks pregnant. Ahn Young-mi, who has continued to appear on TV programs until her full term, recently got off all entertainment programs and radio programs and is scheduled to give birth to her husband in the United States.

Ahn Young-mi is plagued by suspicions of her childbirth because there is speculation that if her fetus is her son, she may be giving birth in the United States for the purpose of avoiding military service. However, even if her child is a son, under current law, she is likely to fulfill her military service obligations. This is because, according to the current Nationality Act (Article 12, Paragraph 3), even children with dual citizenship born to Korean parents temporarily residing abroad cannot give up their Korean nationality without justifiable grounds unless they complete their military service obligations.

In the end, because of the ‘uncomfortable lovers’ excessive indiscretion, the lovebird couple, the representative of the entertainment industry, had to suffer from the sudden suspicion of her gaslighting, and Ahn Young-mi, who was about to give birth, had to personally explain the suspicion of her away childbirth.

The couple’s delightful boiler episode became an intellectual subject for ‘uncomfortable lovers’, and Ahn Young-mi, who was waiting to meet her husband ahead of her childbirth, ended up leaving the country for her childbirth expedition. No matter how worried and concerned they may be, the couple can decide for themselves the temperature of the boiler in her house and the place where she gives birth to her child.

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