Ok-soon VS Hyeon-suk and Young-soo?..”I want to go home” I’m tired even though I’m popular (‘I’m SOLO’)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Park So-young] ‘I’m SOLO (I’m Solo)’ Ok-soon and Hyeon-sook unfold a ‘flame triangular romance’ surrounding Yeong-soo in the 14th class.

In SBS PLUS and ENA’s real dating program ‘I’m SOLO’, which airs at 10:30 pm on the 10th (today), the scene of Yeongsu, Oksoon, and Hyunsook’s ‘2:1 date’ will be revealed.

On this day, the three enjoy a ‘sled date’ on the ice and enjoy romance. Hyeon-suk, who came out of ‘Solo Nara 14 Street’ for the first time, showed a very excited look, saying, “I’m dumbfounded, but I need to get some fresh air.”

On the other hand, Oksoon, who swept 3 votes in her first impression selection and became the ‘Winner’, said, “Hanwoo arrived today,” and “My mother said, ‘I don’t know if I can accept such a big gift. She wants me to say thank you to ‘him’~” and shows ‘him’ Yeong-soo, who gave her a Korean beef, even a picture of her and proceeds to ‘drive a wedge’.

In the subtle ‘2:1 date’, Young-soo finally reveals ‘no filter inside’. Seeing Yeongsu’s unexpected appearance, MC Song Hae-na said, “Are you serious?”, and Defcon said, “You talk too much? You seem to be scolding me?

After a while, Yeongsu, who entered into a ‘1:1 conversation’ with Hyeonsuk and Oksoon in turn, reveals an expression in a ‘mental breakdown’. In the end, Young-soo suddenly complains, “Oh, it’s really hard” and “Now I want to go home.” In the end, Young-soo says, “Let’s get some cold air and go back in 10 minutes,” and sighs alone in the car where his eyes are pouring, falling into agony.

Defconn, who was watching Youngsoo’s appearance, points out his situation facing a ‘romance storm’, saying, “Now the overload has come.” Attention is drawn to what happened during the ‘2:1 date’ between Young-soo, Hyun-suk, and Ok-soon.

Meanwhile, ‘I’m SOLO’, which aired on the 3rd, recorded an average viewer rating of 4.75% (SBS PLUS and ENA combined figures based on pay-TV households in the metropolitan area), and the highest viewership rating in Bundang soared to 5.4%. In addition, it ranked 4th in the ‘Non-drama TV Top 10’ for the 4th week of April compiled by Good Data Corporation, realizing its national popularity.

The chaotic love line of the 14th generation will be revealed on the 10th (today) at 10:30 pm on SBS PLUS and ENA’s ‘I’m SOLO’.

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