Renjun NCT DREAM Praised To Be More Handsome In New Photos, Looks When Fansign Reaps Different Responses


Sunday (10/7), Renjun Uploaded A New Post On His Instagram Account, Which Included Photos Of Him Wearing A Gray Sweater. Here, He Looks Handsome Especially When He Smiles.

NCT DREAM ‘s Renjun appeared with short hair during the “Beatbox” promotion period some time ago. But now, the 2000-born singer’s hair has grown longer and his handsome appearance has not gone unnoticed.

Sunday (10/7), Renjun uploaded a new post on his Instagram account, which included photos of him wearing a gray sweater. Here, the Chinese idol looks so handsome especially when he smiles.

A post on the community site Pann contains these photos of Renjun and the netizen who uploaded them wrote, “Renjun with slightly longer hair is sooooooo handsome.” The netizen also compared it to screenshot photos taken during an online fansign.

In the photos during the online fansign, Renjun looks cute with bangs hair and adorable facial expressions. The two types of appearances that have the full name of Huang Renjun have also attracted attention and comments from netizens.

“But am I the only one who likes his short hair? He really makes my heart flutter,” commented netizens. “Why does her look make my heart melt?” another netizen said. ” Her vibe has completely changed from when she had super short hair,” said another.

“But when she has long hair, her aura changes again and she looks beautiful…” said a netizen. “No, but he’s handsome but the photos from the fansign are really cute,” another commented. “I’m another idol fan but he’s handsome in a clean way,” added another.


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