Recently Released, ‘Insider’ Is Criticized By The Religious Committee For Being A Mockery Of Buddhism


‘Insider’ Is A Drama That Tells The Story Of A Judicial Trainee (Kang Ha Neul) Whose Life Falls Apart After Going Undercover To Investigate A Corrupt Prosecutor.

” Insider ” just aired its premiere episode on June 8-9 yesterday. However, the drama, starring Kang Ha Neul , has drawn criticism from the South Korean Jogye Order Religious Peace Committee.

“Insider” tells the story of a judicial trainee whose life falls apart after going undercover to investigate a corrupt prosecutor. While in prison, he begins plotting revenge for the betrayal he endured.

On Thursday (9/6), the Religious Peace Committee of the Jogye Order condemned the setting of a religious place that was used as a monk gambling hall. They said, “On the 8th, during the first broadcast of JTBC’s Wed-Thu drama ‘Insider’, a shocking incident occurred.”

“The Buddhist temple, a symbol of Buddhism, enshrined in Beopdang Temple, a place of pilgrimage, was turned into a gambling hall temple for monks and other gamblers. It was broadcast for 15 minutes of those who gambled large sums of money,” the committee added.

The committee continued, “This is a clear slander and defamation of many Buddhists and all monks for maliciously and blatantly broadcasting broadcasts that belittle monks and mock Buddhism.”

“In the hearts of all Buddhists and people who love Korean Buddhism, this is a huge scar that cannot be washed away,” the committee continued. They also demanded a public apology from JTBC.

“JTBC, which has belittled and demeaned Buddhism, must immediately make a public statement of regret. The producers of ‘Insider’ must immediately publicly regret their actions. Remove them immediately,” the committee continued.

Regarding the scathing criticism, the “Insider” through Xports News also opened their voices on Friday (10/6). “We will announce it after the position of the production team is finalized,” said a source. Stay tuned for the latest information here.


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