Rain Admits This Stray Kids Member Has A Face Similar To Him, Agree?


Once Part Of The Agency That Is Now Under Stray Kids, Rain Considers That He Does Have A Resemblance To The Face Of One Of The Members Of This Boy Group.

Recently, Stray Kids ‘ comeback through “MANIAC” has received praise for having the right expectations as fans want. Besides reaping the success of their comeback album, Stray Kids has received attention from Rain because one of its members reminded him of his youth.

Recently, Rain released a video inviting Stray Kids as guests on his YouTube variety show “Season B Season.” Rain met the Stray Kids members and confessed how much one of them looked like him.

Due to Hyunjin being the member with longer hair, the show’s staff have heard that this idol looks like Rain during his promotions for his single “Bad Guy.”

However, in fact there are other members who are more like the legendary artist. Looking back on his childhood, Bang Chan said to Rain that he was said to be similar. “When I was in sixth grade, everyone told me that I looked like Rain in Australia,” Bang Chan confessed.

Rain agreed that they resembled each other and added that 2PM’s Chansung would also add to their level of resemblance. “Bang Chan is like a mix between me and Chansung,” Rain admitted.

Due to their resemblance, it was also shown between Rain and Changsung that placing the photo of the two senior artists next to Bang Chan perfectly showed how accurate Rain was with his assessment. This is not a new phenomenon among idols who have similarities with each other.

Meanwhile, on the variety show, Rain and Stray Kids were both having fun. In fact, when he was still under JYP Entertainment, Rain revealed that he almost had plastic surgery because of the CEO, Park Jiny Young .


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