‘Queendom 2’ PD Comments On Intense Moment Among Participants, Admits Evil Editing?


While Attending The ‘Queendom‘ Season 2 Press Conference On Wednesday (30/3), PD Lee Yeon Kyu Also Responded To Suspicions Of Evil Editing In The Intense Moments Of VIVIZ And WJSN’s SinB.

On Wednesday (30/3), Mnet held a press conference ahead of the premiere of ” Queendom 2 “. During the press conference, PD Lee Yeon Kyu dismissed fans’ concerns about “evil editing” which is “closely related to Mnet”.

Previously, fans were shocked by the intense moment between VIVIZ’s SinB and WJSN ( Cosmic Girls ) members which was revealed in the exclusive preview video of “Queendom 2”. Not a few viewers saw this moment as part of Mnet ‘s evil editing .

As is known, SinB had reprimanded WJSN’s Yeoreum for considering VIVIZ not a senior, even though they have many years of experience as G-Friend members . Many suspected that Mnet was deliberately dramatizing the atmosphere and SinB’s rebuke was actually not too harsh, especially since he is quite close to WJSN.

The audience’s suspicions were immediately denied by PD Lee Yeon Kyu. He emphasized that his party would not hide any incidents that occurred during filming.

He said, “Rather than saying it was evil editing , I believe that Mnet’s viewing standards have increased. Our goal is to show everything without hiding or customizing anything.”

PD Lee also said that he always treated the participants well during the competition. He explained, “Everyone is sweating, training and working hard to show you a great four-minute performance.”

“We try to treat them with sincerity and a good narration. We will also do our best to introduce their performances perfectly,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the contestants have finished recording for the competition in the second round. The second half itself will feature “Song-Switch” where the artists will perform the songs of other competing teams. This program itself will start airing on Thursday (31/3) at 21:20 local time


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