PSY Gets More Criticized After Responding Casually To Criticism Of The ‘Summer Swag’ Water Concert

PSY Was Immediately Criticized After Giving A Relaxed Response Related To Sharp Criticism Of The ‘Summer Swag 2022’ Water Concert That He Held Considering It Was Considered Dangerous.

PSY is known to often hold “wet-wet” concerts filled with water called the “PSY Soak Show”. This year, PSY’s solo concert was again held and named “Summer Swag”.

Unfortunately, the water concert that became PSY’s trademark has actually drawn sharp criticism this year. Moreover, PSY had revealed that he used at least 300 tons of drinkable water at his concert.

PSY’s water concert was criticized for the health problems it caused where viruses or bacteria would thrive in wet conditions. The corona virus pandemic, which has not ended, is considered to have created a new disease with this wet-drenched concert.

In addition, PSY was also criticized for wasting a fantastic amount of water. The reason is, South Korea’s agriculture is currently being hit by a water shortage due to the long summer.

Today, Friday (17/6) the South Korean Center for Disease Control even gave a statement that indirectly touched on PSY’s water concert. The use of water has been advised not to be carried out.

” People become more susceptible to viral infections when masks get wet. We recommend that outdoor events refrain from spraying water on crowds, if possible ,” explained the South Korea Centers for Disease Control.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the risk of contracting harmful viruses and bacteria is doubled when a mask becomes wet with water or sweat. According to existing regulations, each individual is required to wear a mask in any event involving more than 50 people, both indoors and outdoors.

After this statement from the government, PSY revealed that he would respond by saying that he would provide waterproof masks to all spectators who attended “Summer Swag 2022”. Unfortunately, PSY’s response has made him more and more criticized because he is considered not to care about the criticism given.

” All they ask is that you don’t spray water on people. Is that difficult? ” said one Knetz. ” Just reduce the water. Why is he trying to fight with the government? ” said another. ” So these events would be a waste of water that could be used to help the agricultural industry, and they might expose a lot of people to a contagious virus. What’s the point in being so stubborn and going ahead with them? ” said another. ” This is Psy … just a polite warning from the government will not reach his stubborn head ,” explained another.

” Yes, a reminder that COVID is not ‘over’ ,” said another. ” This is really selfish. He will not cut water use from his show because it’s his ‘brand’ when it can harm a lot of people ,” explained another. ” I don’t understand. If there is no water cannon, will it affect the show? This is a music concert ,” another exclaimed. ” He missed an excellent opportunity to say, ‘This year, considering the agricultural industry is suffering from a severe drought, there won’t be any water used during ‘Soak Show’. He would receive credit if he just said that ,” another suggested.

Meanwhile, PSY’s concert tickets were reportedly sold out despite sharp criticism. The ticket sales site even crashed because so many people tried to buy “Summer Swag” tickets.

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