Pilates Instructor Apologizes After Posting A Lovestagram Joke With MONSTA X’s Shownu

Despite Apologizing, Fans Found The Pilates Instructor Making Similar Jokes Related To Shownu In The Past. At That Time, He Showed Off A Gift From Shownu’s Mother.

A pilates instructor recently received criticism for uploading photos of MONSTA X ‘s Shownu embraced . The reason for being criticized is because the girl made a joke about lovestagram in her post.

“Take photos like #Lovestagram with a celebrity. Not just any celebrity but an idol. Not just any idol but Shownu,” wrote the pilates instructor. Realizing her actions drew criticism, the girl immediately deleted her post.

The pilates instructor also wrote an apology saying, “I am writing out of shock and confusion that my follower count has skyrocketed suddenly. I am a pilates instructor who helps Shownu’s mother with her exercises.”

Yesterday, Shownu-nim took his mother to the training center and took photos with me. Since it’s my first time seeing a celebrity in person, I felt amazed and wanted to brag, so I uploaded the photo. If the fans feel uncomfortable, I’m sorry TT ,” added the Pilates instructor.

Despite apologizing, fans apparently found the pilates instructor making similar jokes that were again related to Shownu in the past. At that time, he showed off getting a gift from the idol’s mother.

“And he gave us perfume last time too TTTT. What if he really takes care of me as his future daughter-in-law~ (This is purely my hallucination.) If I visit you wearing hanbok during Chinese New Year and cooking traditional food, can I meet Shownu, mom?” wrote the pilates instructor.

Next when getting Shownu’s autograph gift, he also had time to make a joke saying, “The tension is high right before work hours the day before the holiday starts (feat. MONSTA X’s Shownu.) I don’t know when I will delete this kekekekeke. I will end the New Year holiday soon Chinese New Year to cook mom~”

Fans were also busy giving their criticism to the Pilates instructor. “What an attention seeker”, wrote one fan. “Wow, he thinks so smart in New Year’s jokes”, continued another. “Wow and Shownu’s mom was so nice to him, gave him gifts and got Shownu’s autograph,” added another.

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