Park Eun Bi’s ‘Adult’ Post At The Age Of 14 Has Gone Viral Again

Park Eun Bin Got A Lot Of ‘Love Calls’ For His Slick Acting In The Drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’. The Media Reported That The Actress’ Advertising Fee Had Doubled.

Park Eun Bin ‘s popularity skyrocketed because he starred in ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo “. Various interesting things that have been done by the beautiful actress in the past have become viral in the spotlight of netizens.

One of them was Park Eun Bin’s post on his official fancafe in July 2005. At that time, the star of the drama ” The King’s Affection ” was only 14 years old, showing himself at the beginning of his acting career.

Park Eun Bin was then still a junior high school student. However, the beautiful actress carefully greets her fans in an adult-like tone that doesn’t sound like her age.

Park Eun Bin wrote, “Hello. I said I’d greet you on the day of my vacation, but it’s already the 23rd. As soon as vacation ended, I went to the KBS building for work, then I went to the (sponsored) hanbok shop in front of Eunpyeong-gu’s office. .”

“After that, I went to Yeouido and then came home and it’s already 11 pm,” added Park Eun Bin. The tone of voice of the drama star ” Do You Like Brahms? ” which is “pretentious” for a child his age makes netizens laugh.

“So funny,” wrote one netizen. “He sounds like an adult, he said he went ‘to work’,” added another. “Such a baby, what work are you doing,” continued another netizen. “He is very cute,” concluded another.

Known together, Park Eun Bin debuted as a catalog model for a children’s clothing brand in December 1996. She continued her acting career in 1998 by appearing in MBC’s ” Love and Farewell ” and the film ” Story of a Man “.

Meanwhile, Park Eun Bin received a lot of “love calls” for his slick acting as an autistic person named Woo Young Woo. Local media reported that the actress’s advertising fee had doubled from before.

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