Park Eun Bin Single For Life, His Ideal Type Exactly Lee Jun Ho ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’

In Several Interviews, Park Eun Bin Revealed That The Main Reason For Never Dating Is Being Busy With Work. The Ideal Type Of Man Mentioned Feels Familiar.

Park Eun Bin , who is currently a hit with the drama ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ,” has a beautiful face and a brilliant career. But who would have thought the actress had never dated once in her life.

In several interviews, Park Eun Bin revealed that the main reason he never dated was because he debuted when he was only four years old. He has now been in the entertainment industry for 26 years.

Park Eun Bin revealed his single status in a 2016 interview with JTBC. At that time he was asked what he had in common with Song Ji Won, his character in the drama ” Age of Youth .”

“The biggest thing I have in common with Song Ji Won is that the two of us have never dated. When I tell people that I’ve never dated, they never believe me,” said the 29-year-old actress.

Later in his interview in 2020, Park Eun Bin revealed that he is still a member of the singles club for life. But he is not ashamed just because he is single.

“I want to hide the fact that I’ve never dated. I just never had the chance to meet someone,” said the star of the drama ” The King’s Affection “.

“To be honest, being single is not embarrassing. But I don’t like the word mote-solo (a word to describe someone who has never dated). It seems there is something wrong with me,” he continued.

In the same interview, the actress revealed what she looks for in a partner. His ideal type more or less leads to the character Lee Jun Ho played by Kang Tae Oh in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

“If there is a chance, I want to have a beautiful love life. I like men who are innocent and kind. I like men who take good care of me, like friends, and someone who makes me comfortable,” said Park Eun Bin.

“I hope he is a man who can watch over me and help guide me to get things done in whatever I do,” added the actress.

Looking at the criteria mentioned, anyone will remember Lee Jun Ho, who always looks after Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin). What do you think?

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