Park Eun Bin & Kang Tae Oh Leaked After Breaking Up On ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’


Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) Faces A Heartbreaking Reality After Meeting Lee Jun Ho’s (Kang Tae Oh) Older Sister. The Lawyer Decided To Break Up With Lee Jun Ho.

” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” will air the latest episode on Wednesday (17/8). Ahead of the broadcast, the production team leaked photos of the sex scenes belonging to Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ) and Lee Jun Ho ( Kang Tae Oh ) which would be a pity to miss.

Previously in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho along with another team of Hanbada lawyers went to Jeju Island for a business trip. Everyone experiences some kind of emotional change there.

In particular, Woo Young Woo faced a heartbreaking reality after meeting Lee Jun Ho’s older sister. Thinking that he would not be able to make a man happy, Woo Young Woo decided to break up with Lee Jun Ho.

The latest stills of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” show Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho’s daily life after breaking up. They used to spend lunch together and talk about whales, but now Woo Young Woo was eating alone in his office, while Lee Joon Ho joined his colleagues.

Another photo shows Woo Young Woo peeking through the curtains with lonely eyes. Lee Jun Ho, who felt his gaze, turned to look at the lawyer. The man’s gaze was cold unlike the warmth and joy he often displayed.

Another portrait shows the two will face each other. Lee Jun Ho couldn’t help but feel confused because Woo Young Woo asked to separate from him. It will be interesting to know if this “whale couple” will reunite or not.

The production team leaked, “Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho will face a storm of after-effects after their separation. Please pay attention to see if they will accept the painful reality and break up or muster up the courage and express their sincerity to each other.”

“Please pay attention to the performance and growth of the rookie lawyer who will face the biggest case without Jung Myung Seok ( Kang Ki Young ),” added the production team. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” itself now only has two final episodes left.


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