Not Only Funny, Jeon So Min Proves The Spectrum Of Acting Is Getting Wider Through ‘Cleaning Up’ And ‘2037’


Not Only Known For Being Funny, Jeon So Min Has Successfully Proven That Her Acting Spectrum Is Getting Wider Through Her Two Latest Works. In Both ‘Cleaning Up’ And ‘2037, Jeon So Min Plays A Drastic Character.

Jeon So Min has again proven her talent as an actress through her latest works. Known to be funny and entertaining for being a member of ” Running Man ” and having participated in 2 seasons of ” The Sixth Sense “, apparently the beautiful actress has a broad spectrum of acting.

During the first half of 2022, Jeon So Min filled her track record with diverse acting activities. After creating a hot sensation as an actor in ” Show Window: The Queen’s House ” early last year, he has returned to appear in television dramas and feature films.

Jeon So Min plays the character Ahn In Kyung in ” Cleaning Up ” which has only entered the first two episodes since June 4. Successful viewers were amazed by the emotional line that Jeon So Min depicted through facial expressions and body language.

Playing a completely new role, Jeon So Min shows how In Kyung goes through various emotions. Starting from being nervous, to being happy when he got a lot of benefits from the stock information he heard.

On the big screen, Jeon So Min captivated audiences with her character Jang Mi in the movie ” 2037 ” which opens in theaters from June 8. Jeon So Min perfectly brought Jang Mi to life who was imprisoned just before adultery was abolished. He creates fun chemistry with his friends in prison who have different stories.

In particular, viewers can understand Jang Mi’s personality who always maintains appearance through Jeon So Min’s acting. The reason why Jang Mi faded her hair color and replaced her lipstick with a red marker was also enchantingly shown.

Once again, Jeon So Min showed detailed acting as well as attractive visuals. As such, he has proven himself to be a character transformation expert who cleaves various genres and types of roles. Moreover, his presence is considered enlightening in every work he follows.

As admiration for Jeon So Min increases, high expectations arise. Jeon So Min is expected to show unlimited ability to digest various roles and build a solid filmography.


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