NingNing Is Not Considered A Member, Aespa Fans Are Angry At MTV Asia


MY (Aespa Fan) Took To Twitter To Trend #NingningDeservesBetter After MTV Asia Did Not Include Ningning In The Group’s New Video Thumbnail.

On June 11th, MTV Asia shared the full set of aespa during their performance at the UAE Korea K-Pop Festival. The 4-member girl group performed two of their songs, “Black Mamba” and “Forever”.

Fans quickly realized that the thumbnail only included three members namely Winter , Karina , and Giselle . NingNing was the only aespa member not included in the thumbnail, which sparked an immediate reaction from MY (aespa fandom).

Many are using Twitter to trend #NingningDeservesBetter and #TreatNingningFairly. Others emphasized that “AESPA IS FOUR”, so the members deserve the same priority.

Many complained that it was not difficult to include four members in their thumbnails and demanded that MTV Asia correct the photos to include NingNing. Others stated that NingNing had not done anything that made her deserve to be put aside.

Also, please note that this is not the first aespa video that MTV Asia has posted. On May 17, they also shared a full set of aespa during the INK Incheon K-Pop Concert. In this video, the four members are included in the thumbnails.

As of this writing, MTV Asia has not changed the thumbnail, nor has it released a statement regarding the matter. Likewise, SM Entertainment has yet to comment on the situation.

Meanwhile, aespa released “Illusion” on June 1 as a pre-release single for their upcoming album. On June 24, aespa will be releasing an English single, “Life’s Too Short.” Then, on July 8, they will be releasing their second mini album, “Girls.”


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