Ningning Aespa’s Visuals Are Discussed Again, But They Are Said To Be Like NCT’s Sungchan

As Soon As This Was Discussed, Both MY And NCTzen Hilariously Flooded The Comments Saying That It’s Now Impossible Not To See Sungchan’s Face In NingNing’s Photo.

NingNing aespa was praised for its surreal visuals in a throwback photo from one of its iconic group shoots. But some netizens hilariously only saw the resemblance of the Chinese singer to NCT ‘s Sungchan .

Together with her members, NingNing has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with as a visual. Even if it’s doubtful, the appearance of the youngest aespa member at “SMTOWN LIVE 2022” really proved it.

NingNing has presented so many iconic looks that it is impossible to choose one over the other. Sometimes, his looks are so legendary that they demand constant review. NingNing’s photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar in December 2021 is one such example.

NingNing looks so beautiful that months later MY is still talking about this photoshoot. Interestingly, some Twitter users highlighted that NingNing’s photo looked familiar. In fact, the first thought on many people’s minds is, “Why does he look like Sungchan?”

According to some netizens, Ning Ning is very similar to NCT’s Sungchan, so the photo could be like “Sungchan is wearing a wig.” As soon as this was discussed, both MY and NCTzen hilariously flooded the comments saying that it’s now impossible not to see Sungchan’s face in NingNing’s photo.

Sungchan had a similar hair color to NingNing around the same time that the Harper’s Bazaar aespa photo shoot came out, and it suggests that there might actually be some similarities. Fans even found an explanation as to why Sungchan hasn’t joined NCT’s permanent unit yet.

“He debuted in aespa, that’s why we don’t see him on NCT,” joked fans. While everyone tends to view it differently, so far many consider the similarities between the two. What do you think?

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