Newlyweds, Barbie Hsu And DJ Koo Are Affectionately Sharing Tattoos With Each Other


DJ Koo Announced His Marriage To Barbie Hsu In Early March. The Man Revealed That He Immediately Contacted Barbie Hsu When He Learned That The Actress Was Divorced.

” Meteor Garden ” star Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo are currently enjoying their newlyweds. Celebrity couples from different countries have started to aggressively show affection in public.

On Wednesday (22/6), makeup artist Barbie Hsu shared a portrait from behind of the beautiful actress. Barbie Hsu apparently has several tattoos on the back and back of her neck.

Another portrait shows DJ Koo hugging Barbie Hsu tightly. The DJ from South Korea also has a tattoo on his arm. The couple also seems to have a ring-shaped tattoo on their finger.

Previously, Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo had also displayed intimate kissing moments that were shared on Weibo. The couple seemed to be in the middle of a wedding celebration, judging by their outfits.

On the other hand, DJ Koo announced his marriage to Barbie Hsu in early March. The man, who had never been married before, revealed that he immediately contacted Barbie Hsu when he learned that the actress was divorced.

“After hearing about his divorce, I found his phone number from 20 years ago and called him. Fortunately, the number is the same and we were able to reconnect,” said DJ Koo in his wedding announcement.

“Since so much time has passed, I decided not to waste any more time and asked him to marry me. He agreed and we have decided to live together after signing the marriage certificate. Since this is a late marriage, I hope everyone can support and congratulate him.” to us. Thank you,” concluded DJ Koo.

Meanwhile, it is not yet known where this new couple will settle down later. “If Barbie Hsu lives in Korea following DJ Koo, they will discuss whether to bring her two children to Korea together or stay in Taiwan,” said local media.


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