Never Changed, Jungwoo NCT Directly Julid Xiajoun Alluded To The ‘Mushroom’ Hairstyle


NCT’s Jungwoo Immediately Joked That He Was Annoyed When He Was Asked About The ‘Mushroom’ Hairstyle That He Has Used Since His Early Debut Until Now. Why Is That?

The interaction of K-Pop idols always manages to get the attention of fans. In fact, even though the idol is in the same group, it still reaps the spotlight.

NCT members are always successful in the spotlight for the interactions between their sub-units. Currently, NCT is known to have 4 sub units, namely NCT 127 , NCT Dream , WayV , and NCT U. Even though they have different sub-units, NCT members always make them nervous with their closeness.

Recently, the NCT YouTube channel shared “THE NCT SHOW” which is a style interview content hosted by Doyoung and Jungwoo . Two WayV members namely Hendery and Xiaojun were also interviewed by these two members of the NCT 127 sub unit.

Thanks to this interview, the theory that WayV will be making a comeback soon due to the members changing hairstyles was solved . Unfortunately, the rumors are false because WayV changed hairstyles precisely because of the absence of promotions.

Xiaojun then expressed his curiosity with Jungwoo’s hairstyle which almost never changes. Jungwoo has almost always worn a “mushroom” hairstyle with bangs covering his forehead. However, usually the hairstyle looks different because of the styling .

Unexpectedly, Jungwoo joked by immediately answering curtly. Jungwoo mentioned that he had actually tried all the hairstyles. He’s even had long hair before.

“Jungwoo hyung , what do you think about changing your hairstyle?” Xiaojun asked. “Why?” Jungwoo replied curtly which succeeded in making everyone laugh.

“What made you ask that?” Doyoung asked. “I really like it but,” Xiaojun admitted. “You must think I haven’t tried other hairstyles, right? But I’ve tried all of them,” explained Jungwoo.

“Have you tried everything?” Xiaojun asked in shock. “Jungwoo also tried a long hairstyle,” said Doyoung. “You must not really care about me,” Jungwoo protested and made Hendery and Doyoung laugh.

“No, I’ve always watched you,” Xiaojun argued. “You used the longest hairstyle when you were a trainee ,” continued the 1999-born idol.

“That’s when my bangs are the longest,” said Jungwoo while showing his bangs once had a length covering his face. “Oh, that’s right,” Xiaojun said. “Ah, right. That mussel hair ,” said Doyoung.


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