Netizens Are Furious To Compare The Victim’s Suffering With The Happiness Of Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM Can Debut


A Post On The Instiz Community Site Includes A Tweet From The @Wannabemeandiu Account. The Twitter User Expressed Concern For The Victim And Added The Hashtag ‘#Kim Garam Out’.

Allegations of bullying or bullying directed at Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM are currently a hot topic in online forums. Netizens sympathize with the victim, while at the same time highlighting Kim Garam’s interview, which expresses his happiness at making his debut.

A post on the Instiz community site includes a tweet from the @wannabemeandiu account . The Twitter user expressed concern for the victim and added the hashtag “#Kim Garam Out” to his tweet.

“What if the victim’s family can’t afford to hire a law firm? What if the parents are indifferent to their child? What if after several suicide attempts, one of them succeeds? Would you like to choose a job where you can receive love while the victim’s parents fail? have to quit their own job to take care of their daughter and stop them from committing suicide?”

The same post also includes Kim Garam’s interview with Weverse Magazine. “I called my parents first, they were very happy. They told me, ‘We didn’t know you could do this.’ and very proud. My sister also more or less realized what I was doing. I told her, ‘Noona is going to be on TV’ and she was very happy. She told me, ‘Nuna, when you are having a hard time, I will protect you.'” Post This reaped comments from netizens.

“Sighing…” netizen comments. “HYBE, Kim Garam, you two are terrible,” said another netizen. “Don’t call him a human, how can a human act like this? This makes me very upset, kekekeke. His parents are also hopeless,” said another.

“Kim Garam, his parents and HYBE are one and the same,” said a netizen. “Seriously this is evil… How can they raise a child like that? Huh,” another commented. “I wonder how he became like that,” said a netizen. “I feel like crying, seriously,” added another.


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