NCT’s Doyoung And Jungwoo Struggle With Bad Things, But End Up Loving Each Other


Doyoung And Jungwoo Have Known Each Other Quite Well. While This Meant They Were Like Family, It Also Meant That They Had Kept Some Minor Complaints About Each Other.

The NCT members recently revealed their “secret grudge” in the new segment of “THE NCT SHOW”, and things quickly went haywire. Doyoung and Jungwoo were the first members to face each other, and it was immediately obvious that the two of them had a long history together.

Over the years, Doyoung and Jungwoo have known each other quite well. While this meant they were like family, it also meant that they had kept some minor complaints about each other.

Jungwoo wasted no time reprimanding Doyoung for “always trying to be first” in everything, which led to quite a lengthy fighting session that lasted most of the episode. Doyoung explained, claiming that he just needed to do it first because of the choreography in “Love On The Floor.”

And he also explained that their makeup artist often prefers to apply Doyoung’s makeup first, because Jungwoo often takes longer. Jungwoo showed the best reaction to Doyoung’s words by punching the target behind him.

However, in the end, even after a more chaotic fight, the two of them agreed that they were like family. In fact, Jungwoo revealed that when he was diagnosed with COVID-19, Doyoung seriously sent him a gift basket, making him feel emotional.

“I want to say this. When I was confirmed (infected by) COVID-19, Doyoung hyung sent me a fruit set. So…” Jungwoo said, and Sungchan replied, “You’re teary, huh?” and agreed by Jungwoo. “It must have been touching,” Kun chimed in, and Jungwoo said, “So I thank hyung.”

Jungwoo always cherished Doyoung, even when he hilariously made him nervous. And while almost everyone agrees that they are a “chaotic” duo, they are at least a messed up duo who respect each other.


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