NCT Winwin Drama Filming Finished, C-Fans’ Exclamations At The Airport Reap Debate

Winwin NCT Or WayV Is Rumored To Be Going To South Korea Soon Because Filming For The Drama Has Finished, C-Fans’ Calls At The Airport Led To The Pros And Cons Of Other Fans.

Winwin NCT or WayV is known to have had a solo career in China for a long time. Winwin is known to have started his career as an actor in China early last year.

Winwin, who is busy with his solo schedule in China, makes him unable to participate in NCT or WayV activities. Even so, Winwin is known to still take the time to be present at important moments. For example celebrating WayV’s birthday and even making a cameo in NCT’s “Beautiful” MV.

Last week, Winwin was reported to have finished filming his drama. This certainly raises the suspicion that Winwin will soon return to being an idol and to South Korea.

In one of WayV’s latest content, Winwin is also known to give a code that he will return to Seoul soon. At that time, Winwin made a video call with other WayV members.

“Hurry up and come here,” Kun said in the video. “How many more days until you come?” Hendery asked . “Soon,” Winwin promised. “Soon? We’ll be waiting, we’re really waiting for you,” WayV said.

Unfortunately, the news that Winwin will return to South Korea was not welcomed by Chinese fans. When Winwin at the Beijing airport recently finished filming, Chinese fans actually shouted that Winwin did not return to South Korea.

This call from Chinese fans succeeded in bringing up the pros and cons of other fans. International fans claim to feel sorry for Winwin’s current position. The handsome idol born in 1997 is like being blasphemed from two sides for his actions.

If he returns to Korea, he is considered not to support China. Meanwhile, if you return to Korea, you will get criticism from Knetz. It’s no secret that Knetz likes to treat idols from China badly and often criticizes their nationalism and even expels them.

Fans themselves claim that they really want to see WayV with complete members. Moreover, Lucas has just uploaded a new portrait that allegedly alludes to the controversy and asks fans not to worry .

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