NCT Mark Fans, Here’s Lee Young Ji’s Expression Found Subscription To The Idol’s Paid Messaging Application


Rapper Lee Young Ji Has Recently Become The Talk Of NCT Fans Because He Admitted That He Followed Dear U Bubble’s Paid Message With Mark And His Expression Was Successful In Entertaining.

It is possible that an idol will subscribe to the paid platform Dear U Bubble to support other idols. This seems to be the case for female rapper Lee Young Ji , who recently shyly revealed that she was following a paid message from a male K-Pop idol.

In his recent talk show “My Alcohol Diary”, he invited two TWICE members Nayeon and Chaeyoung to discuss many things. Including when discussing contract renewal with JYP Entertainment.

“This is very good. I think TWICE is needed for the K-Pop industry. I’m serious because you know that every student has his own favorite idol in his time,” said Lee Young Ji to the two guests. Nayeon asked if this was done by Lee Young Ji when she was in middle school.

And Lee Young Ji confirmed the answer. Hearing this, the two TWICE members appreciated the rapper who had covered dances from their songs.

“My image of you is when you bring ‘Alcohol Free’. You are really good at it. You are the best among people who cover,” said Nayeon. Lee Young Ji even proved her extensive knowledge of TWICE by sharing what Jeongyeon said on Bubble, a paid messaging app. And from here it was revealed who the idols were who made Lee Young Ji decide to use Bubble.

“It’s been nine months since we last came back, and nine of us all re-signed,” said Nayeon. Lee Young Ji said, “To celebrate, Jeongyeon mentioned that you are like her family in [app] Bubble.”

Lee Young Ji’s impressive knowledge aroused the curiosity of Nayeon and Chaeyoung who suspected that he was subscribed to Bubble. Finally, Lee Young Ji also found out that he subscribed to Bubble so he knew the latest news from the idols he followed.

However, the curiosity did not stop there, Nayeon and Chaeyoung immediately suspected that he was subscribed to Jeongyeon. Openly, Lee Young Ji did not subscribe to Bubble TWICE at all. However, he instead subscribed to Bubble from NCT ‘s Mark Lee .

“I’m sure it’s not us,” said Chaeyoung suspiciously. With a bashful expression, Lee Young Ji revealed, “NCT’s Mark.” Despite his hilarious confession, Nayeon and Chaeyoung immediately reassured Lee Young Ji that they didn’t mind him not subscribing to theirs.

When talking about subscribing to Bubble, Lee Young Ji revealed one message she sent to Mark with the caption, “Stay healthy”. Lee Young Ji revealed that she used her real name. He also discussed how another NCT member, Jaehyun , was very good at using Bubble.

“Did you know that NCT’s Jaehyun is very good at using Bubble? You usually say ‘Hello someone~’ or “Hello Ms.~’ but when I open Bubble there is only a message written as ‘Youngji’,” said Lee Young Ji.

However, what’s even more interesting is how Lee Young Ji finally got bored with herself when she subscribed to Bubble. “There was one moment when I was bored with myself. After subscribing to NCT member Bubbles. By the way, I don’t have any personal feelings for them,” said Lee Young Ji.

Thanks to his confession, Lee Young Ji’s name became a trending topic because he was part of NCTzen (NCT’s fandom name) who came from among singers. So it’s not surprising that he was fascinated by the interesting communication of the NCT members, especially Mark.


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