NCT Dream’s Appearance At Allo Bank Festival Viral To Korea, Admit It’s Surprising From Indonesian Fans

NCT Dream’s Appearance At The Allo Bank Festival 2022 Event Held In Jakarta Turned Out To Be A Lively Conversation By South Korean Fans On Social Media.

One of NCT’s sub-units , NCT Dream is known to have successfully rocked Indonesia through the Allo Bank Festival 2022 stage. This is NCT Dream’s first appearance in Indonesia after 2 years. Even so, it’s a shame that Haechan and Mark Lee couldn’t attend because they were preparing for a concert tour in Japan for NCT 127 .

NCT Dream’s appearance was certainly enthusiastically welcomed by NCTZen or Czennie, fans of NCT Indonesia. The fans who had the opportunity to watch NCT Dream’s performance live were seen shouting support for Renjun , Jeno , Jaemin , Chenle , and Jisung .

NCT Dream itself performed several of their flagship songs on the Allo Bank Festival stage. NCT Dream performed ” Hot Sauce “, ” Ridin’ “, ” Hello Future “, and ” Glitch Mode “.

Interestingly, it turns out that NCT Dream’s appearance has become a conversation by South Korean netizens on Twitter social media. Knetz openly admitted that he was jealous because NCTZen Indonesia could shout in support of NCT Dream.

South Korea is known to have not previously allowed concerts with screaming fans during the pandemic. NCT Dream itself has not had the opportunity to perform when the regulations for stage performances that allow fans to scream are allowed by the South Korean government.

Knetz himself admitted that he was surprised by the pronunciation of Korean by NCTZen Indonesia. The reason is, NCTZen Indonesia can follow the lyrics of the NCT Dream song very eloquently. Not a few who claim to want to go to Indonesia to see NCT Dream’s performance.

” But how can Indonesian Czennies pronounce Korean more like Korean? ” said one Knetz on Twitter. ” Wow Crazy Indonesian Czennies… Follow all the chorus verses… But the lyrics are accurate…, ” said another. ” Ah, Czennies Indonesia, I envy you, I want to attend a K-Pop concert, give me back to watching K-Pop, ” I said.

” Bring the door back anywhere. I have to go to Indonesia, ” said another. ” Indonesia is the best country, send me there, ” said another. ” I have to go to Indonesia in 1 second, is there a way? ” explained another. ” Czennie Indonesia’s pronunciation is very good, it’s amazing, ” said another.

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