MTV VMA 2022: American Magazine Criticizes BLACKPINK’s Appearance

One Of The Popular Magazines From The United States Criticized BLACKPINK’s Appearance On The MTV VMA 2022 Stage. The Magazine Regretted The Appearance That Left Little Room For Singing.

BLACKPINK successfully stole global attention through their appearance at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards which was held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Not only that, BLACKPINK’s performance of the song “PINK VENOM” at the MTV VMA 2022 event also successfully became a conversation and received various compliments. However, a criticism emerged from one of the popular magazines in America, VARIETY.

The magazine criticized and judged that BLACKPINK’s appearance at the awards ceremony was lip-syncing. This was seen after the US weekly magazine “VARIETY” chose the best and worst moments of the “VMA” on August 28 (local time). Where they chose “Lipsync Snafus” as the worst.

“It seems that at this year’s awards, the most glaring flaw was the obvious lip-synchronization,” the magazine said in a statement.

It points to BLACKPINK, Anitta and Flo Milli as the main cause of the lipsync ‘mess’. Where the magazine said the singers were more focused on dance routines than singing rooms.

“They devote a lot of attention to their killer dance routines but leave little room for actual singing,” reads the magazine’s description.

However, is it true that BLACKPINK performed lip-synchronizingly at the 2022 MTV VMAs? BLACKPINK is known to have performed with AR, not MR. They sing live over AR. On the other hand, another singer presented a live performance with MR.

The statement from the magazine immediately reaped various responses from netizens. Netizens also seem to be split into two camps.

” I thought it was live ,” said one netizen. ” No wonder the voice and mouth shape are sometimes different ,” added another netizen. ” It’s more comfortable to perform live with AR than MR ,” continued another.

” It would be better if they sang directly with MR on a global stage like that ,” said another netizen. ” BLACKPINK often uses AR on the domestic stage ,” continued another. “ There are a lot of singers who use AR besides that. the singers ,” concluded another netizen.

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