Most Highlighted, V And Jimin BTS Santuy Shows ‘Intimacy’ At The Airport


When The BTS Members Were Spotted At The Airport Bound For The United States, V And Jimin Got The Most Attention Because This Was Their First Public Appearance After Each Other’s ‘Controversy’.

BTS’s V and Jimin were probably the most highlighted by the media when the BTS members ( Bangtan Boys ) left for the United States via Incheon International Airport recently. But they looked relaxed and instead indulged in “intimacy” as friends.

On May 29, 2022, the six BTS members, without Jungkook , left for the United States to join President Joe Biden at the White House. Jimin looks relaxed in loose clothes, while V looks cute in a long sleeve top.

Many reporters have gathered at the airport to capture the moment of BTS’s departure this time. In particular, V and Jimin got the most attention because this is their first public appearance after each other’s “controversy”.

Instead of looking tense in the face of the press, V and Jimin just casually indulged in skinship. Jimin seems to be embracing V while chatting for a while towards the departure gate.

Following the dating rumors with BLACKPINK ‘s Jennie ( Black Pink ) that circulated since May 22, all eyes were on V when he made his first public appearance. Everything about the owner of the name Kim Taehyung immediately attracted attention.

Even V’s appearance at the airport this time drew the spotlight because the idol was seen wearing a pair of earrings promoted by Jennie as Chanel’s official model. The earrings are Chanel Coco Crush.

On the other hand, Jimin had drawn controversy after it was reported that his apartment was almost confiscated due to unpaid health insurance premium arrears. This makes the idol accused of deliberately avoiding taxes.

Jimin’s appearance at the airport drew criticism because the idol was considered not to comment or apologize for his personal problems. Netizens also touched on the controversy of the song “Filter” being included in the album “Proof.”


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