MONSTA X’s Joohoney Is Accused Of Being Handsome, Take A Peek At 10 Portraits Of Him Like Boyfriend Materials


MONSTA X Is Known To Be On A World Tour In The United States. Interestingly, Joohoney Was Actually Insulted By Female Security Officers Because He Was Considered Too Handsome.

MONSTA X is indeed holding a concert titled “MONSTA X NO LIMIT US TOUR 2022”. Recently, Kihyun cs performed at EagleBank Arena, Fairfax, Virginia. During the concert, there was a funny incident that dragged Joohoney ‘s name and became a hot topic among MONBEBE (MONSTA X’s fan name).

The reason is, a video circulated showing fans greeting MONSTA X after the concert ended. Spectators who purchase a special “Send Off” VIP ticket or an Ultimate VIP ticket will have the opportunity to see MONSTA X leave the concert venue.

On that occasion, MONBEBE accidentally recorded the actions of a female security officer commenting on Joohoney. After investigating, the officer was caught in awe of Joohoney’s overly handsome visuals. He even bluntly praised Joohoney’s handsome face in front of MONBEBE. As a result, fans warmly welcomed the security guard by joining their fandom.

Meanwhile, Joohoney is a K-Pop idol who has a distinctive and captivating visual. So, what is Joohoney’s good looks like that managed to make the security officers fall in love? Let’s take a peek at the portrait, which looks like boyfriend materials .

  1. Have Unique Facts About Names

Joohoney apparently has a unique fact about his name. At birth, he was given the name Lee Ho Joon, but was later officially changed to Lee Joo Heon. When he debuted in MONSTA X, he also used the name Jooheon. However, he surprised the public by changing his stage name to Joohoney in 2019. The decision was made by Joohoney to support MONSTA X’s English promotions.

  1. Religious Idols

The 27-year-old idol surprised the public because he had the nickname “Church oppa”. This is because Joohoney has attended church since he was 3 years old and has performed hip-hop dances. He also never misses a prayer before a meal or any events and ceremonies. Interestingly, Joohoney is in the same church with TWICE ‘s Dahyun .

  1. The Figure Of A Dedicated Fan

Joohoney can be said to be an AESPA fanboy because he was caught really liking the song “Next Level”. Therefore, he expressed his desire to become a producer of the next aespa song. Wow, I hope Joohoney’s dedicated dream will come true soon!

  1. Hardworking Celebrities

Known as a happy virus figure , Joohoney apparently had a hard time. He revealed that he had suffered from symptoms of anxiety disorders and was required to take medication, so he had to take a temporary hiatus. Even so, Joohoney did not give up and recovered a few months. Now, he is back to being a stronger and happier person.

  1. Soft-Hearted

The “Rhythm” singer is known as a soft-hearted figure. The reason is, Joohoney was seen in tears when he met Park Sun Ho on ” Produce X 101 ” as a mentor and participant. This is quite touching Joohoney’s heart because they were very close in the past because they were both Starship Entertainment trainees .

  1. Maximum Cute

Known to be swag and fierce when rapping, Joohoney is also known as a K-Pop idol who has the maximum cute charm. It can be said that he is a celebrity who created the aegyo ” Kku Kku Kka Kka ” with a super cute voice typical of a child.

  1. Ideal Senior

The Libra zodiac idol is known to be very good at composing songs. No doubt when the name Joohoney participated in the production of his agency’s junior debut album, CRAVITY . Moreover, the song is Joohoney’s special gift for CRAVITY. Duh, the definition of a dream senior!

  1. Plenary Handsome

Joohoney succeeded in making MONBEBE a mess because he changed his hair color. Unmitigated, he dared to change his hair with a bright orange color and make him even more handsome. What do you think?

  1. Easy To Get Along With

The idol who is quite fluent in English deserves to be called a person who is easy to get along with. Joohoney is indeed friends with Jackson GOT7 and starred in the program ” Celebrity Bromance ” together. Not only that, he is surprisingly close to WINNER’s Song Min Ho (II) because he made TikTok content together. Joohoney is also close to EXO ‘s Chanyeol and SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi (II) .

  1. Animal Lover

The singer of the song “Alligator” is also known as an animal lover. That’s because Joohoney has two gray-haired cats named Yoshi and Gucci. He has uploaded several times his excitement playing with the cat.


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