Model Han Hyejin Cs Criticized By Hanbok Designers For Her Photoshoot At The Blue House

A Photo Shoot Was Held At The Blue House After The Former South Korean Presidential Office Opened To The Public. However, The Photo Shoot Actually Drew Criticism From One Of The Hanbok Designers.

Cheong Wa Dae aka Blue House in South Korea has now been decided to open to the public. A photo shoot for the fashion magazine “Vogue Korea” was also held at the Blue House, which has been opened to the public. In the photo shoot, models Han Hye Jin , Kim Won Kyung , Kim Sung Hee , Oh Song Hwa and Lee Ae Ri posed in various costumes against the backdrop of the Blue House.

Unfortunately, the photo shoot has drawn criticism from a number of parties. One of the criticisms came from Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) designer, Park Sul Nyeo.

“If you are wearing a western dress and Korean floral shoes, what is Hanbok? I want to say correctly that it is very regrettable, sad, and heartbreaking to take photos of such clothes in such a symbolic place,” said Park Sul Nyeo in an interview with MBC News, (29/8).

As is known, Vogue Korea previously launched a special pictorial entitled “Cheong Wa Dae and Fashion!” on August 22, 2022. A number of clothes display traditional South Korean styles that have been modified with a touch of modern elements.

In particular, the models in the photoshoot attracted attention when showing their intense charm in costumes matching the Hanbok elements. Such as full-dress clothes, socks, traditional ornaments, and traditional jackets.

In addition, it was revealed that the photoshoot also included the costumes of Ryunosuke Okazaki, the representative designer of the avant-garde in Japan, sparking further controversy. Currently, Vogue Korea is known to have deleted the pictorial. The backgrounds removed and whether they will be reissued are unknown.

Previously, the decision to open the Blue House to the public was also commented on by the former secretary of presidential protocol, Tak Hyun Min. “Cheong Wa Dae, an important symbolic space in Korean history, was closed without the consent of the majority of the people. Not only closed, but historically cut off by opening up space as a bluff of openness. No one has ever given this power,” concluded Tak Hyun Min.

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