Ma Dong Seok And Boyfriend Keciduk Invited Together At Yoon Kye Sang’s Wedding


Recently, Yoon Kye Sang Has Officially Married His Non-Celebrity Wife On June 9. Thanks To This, Several Fellow Artists Were Present At The Ceremony Including Ma Dong Seok With His Girlfriend.

The long-lasting dating relationship of veteran actor Ma Dong Seok with his girlfriend Ye Jung Hwa is back in the spotlight. The reason is, this one couple seemed to attend the wedding of a fellow artist together.

The couple Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jung Hwa showed off their unchanging affection by attending Yoon Kye Sang ‘s wedding on June 9. As is known, Yoon Kye Sang is officially married to his wife who is 5 years younger than him, Cha Hye Young who has a work background as a CEO of the beauty brand Nonfiction.

Yoon Kye Sang’s wedding scene was revealed when the wife of member Kim Tae Woo god , Kim Aeri posted a photo on Instagram in which the actor’s wedding atmosphere was held at the Shilla Hotel Seoul. In the photo uploaded by Kim Aeri, the back of the couple Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jung Hwa is also visible.

In this regard, Ma Dong Seok’s agency explained, “Ma Dong Seok went with Ye Jung Hwa to celebrate Yoon Kye Sang’s wedding.” Please note that Ma Dong Seok co-starred with Yoon Kye-sang through the film ” Crime City “.

Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jung Hwa have been dating in public since 2016. When Ma Dong Seok attended the Cannes Film Festival with the film ” The Evil One ” in 2019, he was mentioned about his romantic relationship with his girlfriend.

“I plan to get married next year,” said Ma Dong Seok when in 2019. The two also attended the world premiere of the film ” The Eternals ” held at Marvel Studios in Hollywood, USA in October last year and expressed their unchanging love.

In addition, in the film “Crime City 2” which is being planned to begin the process of being produced. This film itself is played by Ma Dong Seok with Ye Jung Hwa’s younger brother named Cha Woo Jin (real name Ye Dong Woo) appearing as Choi Yong Gi.

Meanwhile, Ye Jung Hwa made his name as a model and influencer . However, since he revealed that he is dating Ma Dong Seok, he has his own elegant way of being with his partner.


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