LOONA’s Yeojin Collapses While Performing In Mexico, Allegedly Due To Too Busy Tour Schedule

Recently, LOONA Has Performed Their Best Stage Act In The World Tour ‘LOONA The World’ But Unfortunately Yeojin The Maknae Fell Unconscious On Stage.

The busy schedule of LOONA who is currently on the world tour “LOONA The Wold” has attracted enthusiastic reactions from fans. How not, this is the first time the group is back on tour after going through a pandemic so that they can meet face-to-face with their international fans.

But unfortunately, an unpleasant incident came from LOONA member Yeojin . Idol one reportedly collapsed on stage while at the Pepsi Center in Mexico after finishing their song on the night of August 28.

In the video shared by fans, Yeojin looks limp and collapses after finishing their song at the end of the stage performance. The youngest member also got off the stage and immediately received medical treatment.

As is known, LOONA’s first world tour took place at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City. Mexico itself is known for its height and LOONA’s long journey was one of the factors that they were exhausted so it was inevitable that Yeojin would most likely faint on stage.

Fans pointed out that LOONA’s busy schedule had previously flown in from Houston, USA just a day before the concert on August 27. Of course, LOONA’s busy schedule and world tour became a fan debate because it was too busy to move places in the near future.

Fans have been voicing their concerns as it’s clear the LOONA members are overworked after performing 14 shows and KCON in Los Angeles in just a month. Please note that starting on July 31st, LOONA is heading to North America to kick off their world tour and start performing in Los Angeles on August 2nd.

The group will then head to Europe in September and continue a world tour filled with several concerts. Not only that, fans also highlighted LOONA’s stage performance that after the European tour finished in September, LOONA will head straight to Japan for their Japanese concert on October 1.

Fans talked about how the members didn’t get much rest due to their busy schedules and close time. Therefore, fans are worried about LOONA’s health condition, which should also be a top priority in order to continue to show the best stage acts.

Meanwhile, Yeojin received a lot of support from fans for a speedy recovery. Likewise, the other members also reap the support of fans to keep their health always.

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