Lee Sung Kyung Apologizes To BTS Fans On ‘Shooting Stars’, Why?


Lee Sung Kyung Suddenly Apologized To BTS Fans On The Latest Episode Of The TvN Drama ‘Shooting Stars’, Why Did This Finally Happen?

The tvN drama ” Shooting Stars ” has managed to steal the show right now. This drama is known to star Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae .

“Shooting Stars” itself tells about the lives of people who work at entertainment agencies. This drama shows how agency staff must meet the needs of celebrities and overcome their scandals.


In the latest episode of “Shooting Stars”, it was told that Gong Tae Sung (Kim Young Dae) was swept up in an unusual dating rumor. Gong Tae Sung is said to be in a same-sex relationship with Do Soo Hyeok ( CN Blue ‘s Lee Jung Shin ) shortly after the two were neighbors.

Do Soo Hyeok is said to be a lawyer from a rich family who works as a legal advisor at Starforce Entertainment in “Shooting Stars”. This rumor was later debunked with Do Soo Hyeok doing an exclusive interview with Reporter Jo Ki Bbeum ( Sojin Girl’s Day ).

Interestingly, after the interview, Do Soo Hyeok ended up being popular. Jo Ki Bbeum then told his 2 best friends, Oh Han Byeol Lee Sung Kyung and Park Ho Young ( Kim Yoon Hye ) that Do Soo Hyeok finally has a fan club.

Oh Han Byeol and Park Ho Young then guessed the name of Do Soo Hyeok’s fan club. Oh Han Byeol then indirectly dragged BTS ( Bangtan Boys ).

“Dongtan Sonyeondan. DTS,” exclaimed the character Lee Sung Kyung, who then showed a picture of 7 Do Soo Hyeok who was like dancing. So, this hints at BTS.

Jo Ki Bbeum then felt Oh Han Byeol was exaggerating and ended up apologizing while looking at the camera as if it was for Army, BTS fans. “Hia, aren’t you exaggerating?” Sojin’s character said.

“I’m just guessing,” Oh Han Byeol said awkwardly. “I’m sorry,” he continued then looked at the camera. “Who are you apologizing to?” said Jo Ki Bbeum. “You don’t need to know,” said Oh Han Byeol hilariously.


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