Lee Kwang Soo’s Professional Attitude Praised By His Co-Stars On ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’

Jo Aram As One Of Lee Kwang Soo’s Co-Stars In The TvN Drama ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ Showed His Admiration For The Actor’s Professional Attitude When Everyone Laughed.

Working with Lee Kwang Soo in the drama ” The Killer’s Shopping List ” made former member of girl group gu9udan , Jo Aram feel the professionalism of the actor’s attitude. Jo Aram shared that he was amazed how professional actor Lee Kwang Soo was during the filming of their drama.

In the drama “The Killer’s Shopping List” starring Lee Kwang Soo and AOA ‘s Seolhyun , Jo Aram played a part-time worker at MS Supermarket. As this drama marks Jo Aram’s debut project as an actress, she was asked what her first acting project was like when attending an interview with the press to talk about the mystery comedy drama “The Killer’s Shopping List” that just ended.

Jo Aram said, “I was lucky to be a part of an amazing project early on in my acting career. Not only was the drama itself amazing, but I was also able to work with amazing actors and actresses.”

Jo Aram said, “I was nervous because it was my first time acting on set, but everyone was very kind to me. They helped me a lot. All the cast members made our site’s atmosphere lively and fun. I had fun while filming the drama,” said Jo Aram.

I especially learned a lot from Lee Kwang Soo and Jin Hee Kyung . They are both very caring, considerate, and full of energy. They always try their best in every scene. I feel like they are the main characters. location too,” he explained.

Then, Jo Aram showed a certain moment when Lee Kwang Soo showed his professionalism. The actress shared the actor’s professionalism when shooting scenes with Lee Gyo Yeop.

There is a scene where Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Gyo Yeop talk seriously about how they will save Ahn Sebin. There is nothing in our script that asks Lee Kwang Soo to hit Lee Gyo Yeop, but Lee Kwang Soo suddenly slaps Lee Gyo Yeop on the lips when talk,” Jo Aram recalled.

I shouldn’t have laughed at that time, but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The whole team laughed, including the actors, actresses and production crew because they saw him unexpectedly slapping his lips. I saw Lee Kwang Soo asking Lee Gyo Yeop to be forgiven before filmed that scene, but I didn’t know he would slap him like that.”

“But Lee Kwang Soo didn’t laugh at all. He just continued acting as if he didn’t hear anyone laughing. I was very impressed by that,” added Jo Aram explaining the reason why he admired Lee Kwang Soo.

Meanwhile, “The Killer’s Shopping List” has ended its drama broadcast since May 19. However, this 8-episode drama managed to shake the stomach of viewers because of the hilarious actions of the actors.

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