Lee Jun Ki Asks To Be Left If He Violates The Principles Of An Acting Career For Money And Fame


After Years Of Being An Actor With A Good Image, Lee Jun Ki Revealed That He Loves His Career Without Putting Fame And Money First.

Lee Jun Ki ‘s popularity became famous and received love from the public thanks to his handsome looks and undoubted talent. However, it is not enough as it maintains its popularity over the years, the most important thing it does is its behavior and attitude towards life.

In work, Lee Jun Ki is a very strict actor who respects his work. He is self-disciplined and does not submit to money or fame. “If I act for money, for fame, please leave me,” said Lee Jun Ki making a promise himself.

Lee Jun Ki is also a very competitive person and always sets big goals and is passionate about his work. In an exclusive interview, Lee Jun Ki revealed his ambition to remain number one. “In the past, I wanted to be number 1 among my peers, but now I hold back a lot. But even with restraint, I still maintain my unchanging enthusiasm for my career. If someone wants to beat me, I will absolutely compete until the end,” said Lee Jun Ki.

Lee Jun Ki is also an optimist, a positive thinker who always aims for the good things in life and is determined to overcome all difficulties. “We will have more strength after difficulties. We must always be brave, not be hurt by such weak attacks,” said Lee Jun Ki.

Lee Jun Ki tends to act in reality-themed dramas and plays the role of a person who suffers a lot. However, he always strives to have a better life. His role is not playing a role with flashy demeanor or the role of a perfect prince because he believes that even a character should display his normalcy.

“I want to play a normal character who always appears in our ordinary lives. I want to convey emotion and sincerity to the audience, that’s been my goal since the beginning of my career as an actor and even recently, it’s been my career goal. lack of enthusiasm. Striving doesn’t mean enthusiastic, enthusiastic means putting all one’s heart into enjoying the goals that have been set,” he said later.


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