Lee Hyun Woo’s Change After 5 Years Of ‘Lost’ At Presscon ‘Money Heist: Korea’ Highlighted

Lee Hyun Woo Managed To Surprise Fans With His New Appearance After 5 Years Of Not Being Seen In The Public Immediately Became The Subject Of Conversation.

Netflix original series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” finally held a press conference ahead of its premiere. The main characters were present at the press conference and dressed in an official style.

Lee Hyun Woo became one who managed to seize attention for his appearance. Lee Hyun Woo appeared wearing a black shirt combined with a matching suit.

Fans claimed that they were finally touched because they could see Lee Hyun Woo at an official event after 5 years. Lee Hyun Woo was last known to have attended the press conference for his last drama, ” The Liar and His Lover ” in 2017.

After starring in “The Liar and His Lover” with Red Velvet’s Joy , Lee Hyun Woo is known to be on a vacuum due to his military service. After being released from the military in 2019, the handsome actor born in 1993 chose several big screen film projects that have not been released until now.

It’s no wonder that fans are finally moved by Lee Hyun Woo’s appearance. Lee Hyun Woo’s physical changes also managed to surprise fans.

Lee Hyun Woo looks much more mature with his latest public appearance after turning 29 years old (international age). The short hairstyle that Lee Hyun Woo rarely used in the past also surprised him.

” He looks sooo different, ” said one fan on Twitter. ” More mature, ” said another. ” He looks different! He looks like a kid so far and boom! Turned into a handsome-adult man, ” explained another. ” He looks very mature now, ” said another.

Meanwhile, the film projects starring Lee Hyun Woo that will also be released soon are ” Dream ” which also stars Park Seo Joon and IU , ” Hero ” which also stars Kim Go Eun , and ” Dog Days “. After the military, Lee Hyun Woo became a model for IU’s music video ” above the time “.

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