LE SSERAFIM’s Victory Over Lim Young Woong Became A Controversy, ‘Music Bank’ Gave An Explanation

On Wednesday (18/5), CP ‘Music Bank’ Responded To The Controversy Over The Judgment In The May 13 Episode When LE SSERAFIM Won Over Lim Young Woong. Here’s The Full Explanation.

LE SSERAFIM ‘s victory over top trot singer Lim Young Woong on the KBS program ” Music Bank ” has drawn controversy. Many criticized the production team of “Music Bank” for not giving a fair assessment.

Previously in the broadcast of “Music Bank” on May 13, Lim Young Woong and LE SSERAFIM were nominated for first place, and finally LE SSERAFIM got the trophy. Lim Young Woong was actually far ahead in digital and physical points, but he ended up losing because he didn’t receive any points in the broadcasting category. After the episode was broadcast, a number of netizens complained about the unfairness of the score calculation.

Five days later, on Wednesday (18/5), CP “Music Bank” Han Dong Kyu finally gave an explanation regarding this controversy. He explained the “Music Bank” scoring system and claimed to have decided the winner fairly.

CP Han Dong Kyu explained, “As announced on the ‘Music Bank’ website, the K-chart rating system includes ‘digital (60%) + broadcasting (20%) + viewer preference (10%), physical (55) and SNS. (5%)’. Other music programs determine their rankings by implementing a similar rating system that meets their own standards.”

He added, “In order to secure fairness when calculating scores, scores are aggregated and ranked using data from various external specialized agencies, and we are also trying to improve accuracy by reconfirming the data before announcing the ranking results.”

In addition, CP Han Dong Kyu also revealed the results of their data analysis by saying, “Points are calculated from May 2 to May 8, 2022. During that period, Lim Young Woong’s song ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ was not broadcast on KBS TV, radio and digital content. In a survey conducted with 17,609 members of the KBS National Panel by the KBS Public Media Research Institute, this song also received a response rate of 0%.”

Lim Young Woong’s other songs, ‘Trust in Me’ and ‘My Starry Love’ recorded 2.63% and 2.52% respectively in response rates. But they were not nominated on ‘Music Bank’,” he said.

Finally, CP Han Dong Kyu stated, “Our production team will continue to be more careful in calculating the score so that the singer’s performances and viewers’ support can be faithfully reflected.”

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