Labeled Cute, NCT Renjun’s Physical Changes In 3 Years Make You Unbelievable


The Change In NCT’s Renjun’s Shoulders A Few Years Ago And What Was Seen On New YouTube Content Immediately Became A Hot Topic Of Conversation For Fans. Like What?

Members of the NCT sub unit , NCT Dream are known to fans since they are still not of legal age. This certainly makes Mark Lee , Renjun , Jeno , Haechan , Jaemin , Chenle , and Jisung undergo drastic physical changes since their debut until now.

The physical changes of this NCT Dream member often make fans gasp. The reason is, NCT Dream is like changing from cute brothers to handsome oppas .

Even so, Renjun has always been called the cutest member of NCT Dream to date. Renjun is known to have the smallest body compared to the other 6 members.

However, it turns out that Renjun’s physical changes are no less surprising than the other members. This can be seen in the latest NCT Dream YouTube content recently.

One fan then idly combined 2 Renjun moments recorded in different years, namely 2019 and 2022. This shows a significant change from this 2000-born idol.

At this moment, Renjun’s shoulders looked wider and wider than before. Renjun also seems to have muscle in his arms.

” He’s more chubby now………, ” one fan wrote on Twitter . ” No, close the gym right now. We can’t stand to see this side of renjun, ” said another. ” Oh my God, his shoulders are so wide, why does he look so tiny? ” explained another.

” Renjun muscles? ” said another. ” His shoulders have actually become wider and very WIDE, ” explained another. ” Honestly, I’m talking about her shoulder because I’m aware of it, ” said another.

Even though Renjun’s shoulder changes were horrendous, some time ago fans were excited by his physical comparison when next to Jaemin. Fans looked excited because Renjun and Jaemin’s physical appearance looked very different when viewed from the front and back.


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