Kristen Stewart, ‘same-sex fiancee’ happy birthday full of affection “I love you more” [Oh!llywood]

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] Actress Kristen Stewart received public congratulations from her same-sex fiancee Dylan Meier on her birthday.

Screenwriter Meyer celebrated Stewart’s 33rd birthday on the 10th (Korean time), posting a special tribute on her social media account. Meyer posted a photo of Stewart sipping with a glass of champagne, starting with “Happy birthday to my favorite shrimp!”

“Baby, I love you more than all the ‘Shades of Green,’ ‘All the Pages of the Moon,’ and all the cats in L.A. I love you more than Chongqing Express, more than Dennis Johnson’s ‘Already Dead’ by The Stooges. Power. When I’m drunk, I like Domino’s pizza. When I have a hangover, I like Ricky’s fish tacos.” You can feel the intimacy of two people who share many things.

In April 2022, Meyer posted a photo of her and Stuart kissing in honor of her Stuart’s 32nd birthday.

The two were first spotted kissing in New York, USA in August 2019. Then, in October 2019, Meyer posted a black-and-white photo of him and Stuart kissing on social media, making the relationship official. The couple first met on a movie set seven years ago. “The day I met her Dylan was like all bets were off,” Stewart told Howard Stern in 2019. “I met her in her movie years ago and I haven’t seen her in six years.” said. “We’re going to get married, we’re totally going to do it,” he said. The two got engaged in November 2021. 

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