Kino Pentagon’s Unexpected Reaction Catches Fans Recording Voices Secretly At Fansign Event


Attending A Fansign Event Is The Moment Most Fans Look Forward To In Order To Meet Their Idol, As Well As One Of PENTAGON’s Kino Fans Who Does Something Ridiculous.

The fansign event for fans of idols is an important event. This is because it is a moment for fans to meet their idol in person and receive his autograph.

Not infrequently fans are lucky to get more attention from fans. The various attentions given by these idols are unpredictable, so an unexpected incident happened to a fan of PENTAGON .

Recently, a video from the past of PENTAGON’s fansign event showing how Kino was meeting with fans was discussed again. Kino accidentally caught a fan who was secretly recording their conversation.

Please note that recording conversations was prohibited by the PENTAGON fansign organizer at that time, so it was an illegal activity. However, Kino actually did the opposite when he found out.

Kino found out about the incident when the female fan chatted with him while holding hands. Because Kino was attracted by his fans’ watches, he subconsciously touched the item and tapped it twice so that the screen lit up.

As a result, the recording of the conversation that was previously hidden by the female fan was discovered so that she blushed and was embarrassed. Kino laughed heartily and lowered his head. Kino’s reaction actually apologized to his fans.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry! It’s just my habit. I honestly didn’t mean to do that! Sorry!” Kino said apologetically. It seems, to make up for his mistake, Kino also gave something sweet to his fans.

“I love you,” said Kino whispering on the watch where the female fan was recording their conversation. Witnessing the sweet response, Kino could have been upset because of the illegal activity.

But in fact he actually did something. It was a completely unexpected response. Meanwhile, recent fansign events can also be held online amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, of course meeting an idol in person is a different and sensational thing.


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