Kim Woo Seok’s Agency UP10TION Decides To Take Legal Action For Writers Of Malicious Comments And Rumors


The Reason Is That Recently, There Was An Incident Of Defamation Of Kim Woo Seok Through A Personal Attack Which Led The Agency To File A Criminal Complaint With The Cyber Investigation Unit Of Gangnam Police.

Recently TOP Media has taken legal action in response to malicious posts against UP10TION’s Kim Wooseok . On June 21, the agency released a statement regarding the firm stance they will take to protect the idol.

“Hello, this is TOP Media. First, we sincerely thank you for sending so much love to our artist Kim Woo Seok,” said TOP Media. Recently, there was an incident of defaming our artist’s character through personal attacks and defamation. Accordingly, we have filed a criminal complaint with the Gangnam Police Cyber Investigation unit against the creator of the malicious post for violating the Act on Promotion of Utilization. Information and Communication Networks and Information Protection.”

“There will be no leniency or settlement in our agency’s dealings with these defendants, and we inform you that we will continue to protect the rights of our artists in the future through continuous monitoring and strict legal action,” he added.

Finally, the agency said that it was not only the perpetrators who spread and wrote malicious comments who were punished but also those who participated in re-publishing them. “Please note that not only the act of making a baseless and malicious post, but also the act of re-creating and spreading the post is also the basis of a criminal penalty. Thank you,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo Seok first appeared on UP10TION’s pre-debut program “Masked Rookie King Up10tion” in 2015 and became the first member to be introduced to the group. The 25-year-old idol also made his official debut in South Korea on September 11, 2015, with their first mini album, “Top Secret”.

Pada 6 Oktober 2016, Kim Woo Seok terpilih sebagai pembawa acara SBS MTV’s “The Show”. Kemudian pada bulan Maret 2019, Kim Woo Seok terungkap menjadi kontestan “Produce X 101” bersama dan mendapatkan tempat kedua di episode terakhir dengan 3.120.276 suara, mendapatkan tempat di lineup akhir dan memulai debutnya dengan X1 pada 27 Agustus 2019 dengan merilis EP pertama mereka, “Emergency: Quantum Leap”.


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