Kim Sejeong Shares The Story Behind The Rumors Of Her Surgery To Pretend To Pretend Self Defense


In The Program ‘Türkiyes On The Block’, Kim Sejeong Also Talked About What He’s Been Up To Lately, His New Project ‘Today’s Webtoon’ And His Plans To Release A New Album.

Kim Sejeong recently appeared as a guest on the latest web variety program, “Türkiyes on the Block”. During this time, the former IOI member spent time discussing what he’s been up to lately, his new project “Today’s Webtoon” and his plans to release a new album, and more.

MC Lee Yong Jin also asked Kim Sejeong during his interview, “There were reports that you were caught making fake posts on the internet to deny your plastic surgery rumors during ‘K-Pop Star’?” and Kim Sejeong laughed as she recalled, “I entered ‘K-Pop Star’ as a contestant at an early age. I saw a lot of people’s comments about me back then, and one person said, ‘This girl is beautiful, but why? Didn’t she reduce swelling in his eyes from having double eyelid surgery before coming out?’. But that’s just my eyes, I didn’t have double eyelid surgery. I was younger then, and I had more baby fat.”

Kim Sejeong then continued, “I was frustrated, but even if I told myself that I didn’t have surgery, I knew no one would believe me. So I went online and said, ‘I’m his friend. Both of them are young, and I know for sure that she didn’t have plastic surgery’.”

However, Kim Sejeong quickly confessed because of her fake identity. “After I made the post, other people commented, ‘Isn’t this someone who just made things up?’ and ‘Isn’t that myself?’. Seeing that reply, I felt guilty and confessed that it was actually me.”

Meanwhile, regarding his plan to return as a singer, Kim Sejeong said, “Initially, I hoped to release a full album between (‘Business Proposal’ and ‘Today’s Webtoon’). But once I started filming (for ‘Today’s Webtoon’), I quickly found out that I didn’t have the energy to do both. So those plans have been cancelled, and I guess I need to see if that can happen sometime in the future. But I have about 20 songs written. I think maybe next year?”


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