HomeKorean CultureKim Hee Sun Thinks The Reaction Of The Closest People Make ‘Tomorrow’ Has A Special Meaning, What?

Kim Hee Sun Thinks The Reaction Of The Closest People Make ‘Tomorrow’ Has A Special Meaning, What?

Kim Hee Sun Thinks The Reaction Of The Closest People Make ‘Tomorrow’ Has A Special Meaning, What?

While Starring In ‘Tomorrow’, Kim Hee Sun’s Story Received Various Reactions From Those Closest To Her, Including Her Daughter. What Do They Think About This Drama?

Even though ” Tomorrow ” ended last week, this drama still leaves an impression on the cast. It was Kim Hee Sun who told the reactions of those closest to him about this drama.

In “Tomorrow”, Kim Hee Sun plays Goo Ryun, the grim reaper who is the head of the crisis management team. He and his team are tasked with saving people who are about to commit suicide. While on duty, Goo Ryun is assisted by Lim Ryoong Goo ( Yoon Ji On ) ​​and apprentice grim reaper Choi Joon Woong ( SF9 ‘s Rowoon ) who is actually in a coma.

When involved in an interview with local media, Kim Hee Sun expressed positive reactions from his acquaintances. His daughter’s reaction to “Tomorrow” made this project even more valuable.

“My family and friends told me that they enjoyed a good drama, which gave me strength. Thank you,” said Kim Hee Sun. “Especially, this drama is worth it because my daughter is enjoying it.”

Then, Kim Hee Sun mentioned the viewers’ comments that impressed her the most. The actress thought that viewers were entertained and encouraged by this drama alone, but there was one comment that managed to touch her heart.

“I think this drama is a success if only one person is entertained and empowered through ‘Tomorrow’. There are comments that say, ‘This has become a part of me,’ and it’s very touching. That’s the reason why I did this drama. I’m grateful and grateful , said Kim Hee Sun.

Since starring in “Tomorrow”, Kim Hee Sun has been helped to return to her surroundings. In addition, the drama adaptation of this webtoon has also succeeded in providing comfort in the process. After all, he thinks this drama has its own meaning.

“This drama gave me the opportunity to look back at the people around me. It is also a drama that I want at least one person to be entertained and sympathetic to watching ‘Tomorrow’. I also received a lot of comfort through this drama and did some self-reflection,” he explained.

“It’s not that I don’t look back on the people around me, but I think I’ve looked back from a different perspective through this work. Maybe that’s why all of these works are valuable, but this one seems to have another meaning for me,” concluded Kim. Hee Sun.

Meanwhile, “Tomorrow” ended with a rating of 2.8 percent in episode 16 which aired on Saturday (21/5). However, this drama is ranked 3rd for Netflix Indonesia television shows as of Tuesday (25/5).

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