Kim Hee Sun Had Wanted To Quit The Entertainment Industry After Her Daughter Became The Target Of Malicious Comments


As A Mother Who Works As An Artist, Kim Hee Sun Continues To Be Highlighted By The Media Because Of Her Popularity. At One Point, He Confessed That He Wanted To Stop Being In The Entertainment Industry Because Of His Daughter.

It is natural for an actress who is having a baby to want to stop in the entertainment industry in order to focus on the growth of her child. This seems also to be the principle of a famous actress Kim Hee Sun.

After Kim Hee Sun got married and became a mother, the actress’ appearance became a topic of discussion. The reason came from the photo of Kim Hee Sun’s little daughter’s face. Seeing photos of Kim Hee Sun’s daughter, netizens say that she doesn’t look like her parents.

Some even went on to make malicious comments saying that Kim Hee Sun’s daughter failed to inherit her beautiful and elegant facial features. The hurtful comments directed at her daughter’s appearance made Kim Hee Sun feel heartbroken. At one point, he even intended to quit the entertainment industry to focus on taking care of his family.

Kim Hee Sun once told about his small family. She revealed that it was nice to have a caring husband and beautiful daughter. However, Kim Hee Sun expressed her disappointment and regret over the fact that because she is a celebrity that her daughter had to grow up under public scrutiny.

“I don’t understand how people can say such things to a little girl. My heart hurts so much. I blamed myself when my daughter received malicious comments because of me. I even thought about leaving the entertainment industry or moving abroad,” said Kim Hee Sun. at that time.

Kim Hee Sun confessed that he regretted sharing his daughter’s photo on social media as a way to communicate with fans. That’s because his daughter actually received malicious comments.

“I have a handsome husband, and my daughter is beautiful like her father. The joy made me want to share the photos. But after I did, I really regretted it,” she said.

As a celebrity, of course Kim Hee Sun is used to the public spotlight or receiving hate comments. However, he did not expect his daughter to be a victim too.

Through his own experience, Kim Hee Sun understands that this is the main reason why Korean celebrities limit the sharing of private life and family photos with the public. This is also why Kim Hee Sun has not posted any photos related to his family or daughter since then.


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