Kim Garam Still Got Canceled Knetz The Effect Of This Forgotten Thing Even Though The Bully Perpetrator Issues Began To Be Denied

Knetz Immediately Mentioned This After A Music Critic Shared About The Conclusion Obtained From The School Violence Committee Report In Which Kim Garam Only Cursed Not Physical Bullying.

Recently, Kim Garam , ex LE SSERAFIM , finally spoke privately regarding the school bullying case that dragged him down. Kim Garam again vehemently denied that he was a bully.

Kim Garam said he only had a dispute with Yoo Eun Seo (a pseudonym), the alleged victim of his bullying. Kim Garam also did not hesitate to share the results of the school violence committee report.

A music expert through his personal YouTube channel also dissected the report of the school violence committee. It was confirmed that Kim Garam was just cursing Yoo Eun Seo according to the report and did not physically bully like the previous rumors. The penalty rate of 5 was actually the lowest .

The conclusion of this music expert was then widely discussed by Knetz in the online community . However, Knetz still seems busy feeling that Kim Garam still deserves a ” cancellation culture ” because the controversy is not just being accused of being a bully .

Knetz alluded to Kim Garam’s alleged past photos showing sensual hand poses . This is considered proof that Kim Garam can’t be an idol.

” He doesn’t need it all, and he thinks that a lot of sexual harassment photos are reason enough to stay an idol? ” exclaimed one Knetz. I know that part was unfair, but the fact that he said he wanted to __ with BTS V, his hand pose, hand drawing, drawing in front of a blackboard, pictures of disabled people, various testimonies of children who went to school with Kim Garam’s dance team, etc. There is no explanation at all… In addition, there is a lot of evidence that the quality is not good, so it is difficult to let go, ” explained another. ” First of all, a normal student doesn’t talk or take pictures of the blackboard, and he doesn’t sexually harass…, ” another said.

Even so, the portraits of the past are not so clear that Kim Garam cannot be certain. Recently, there have been differences in past photos of Kim Garam and the Facebook owner who likes to talk sensually. In addition, Kim Garam denied liking to speak sensually in his statement.

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